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Railway event in Poland

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  • Railway event in Poland

    2017 Railway event in Poland! Narrow Gauge Eldorado and Tram Marathon. Details you will find here:

    Railway Poland 2017. See you later!

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    I was in Poland for a few weeks in March. I was blown away by their railways! The town we stayed in had two huge roundhouses. There is also a narrow gauge line that runs during the summer. We also managed to go to Auschwitz and Birkenau. It made me wonder if Poland's role in WWII would've been different if they weren't so heavily involved in the railroad industry. But this isn't the place for such a discussion.

    Poland is a much more interesting place than I thought it would be. Good food, good beer, great prices. I think I ate two meals (breakfast was included in the room charge) most days for $20.00 without being stingy. There are some touristy areas where the prices are higher, but even then they're not outrageous.