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Looking for old steamers as a base for kit bashing

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  • Looking for old steamers as a base for kit bashing

    Something im always keeping my eye out for is locos for kitbashing and super detailing.

    Recently i have been seing a lot of Mehano locos on our local ebay at a reasonable price.

    For Example the 2-6-0 ect. Since im freelancing a short line and logging operation im logging at individualizing them.

    After the experiences with all my Bachmann steamers having split gears and other issues im trying to stay away from them.

    So i'm interested with peoples thoughts on the older mehano and if they are reliable runners as a base to build a loco on?
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    I ran some (2-6-0s, a 0-4-0T, and a 4-8-2) for years back in the 1990s. There were robust and reliable but don't have the finesse of newer locos and mechanisms. I found the 2-6-0 and 4-8-2 slow speed running and smoothness good until the Bachmann Spectrum steam came along that I found to be better running and much better looking. The 0-4-0T Dockside was a nice looker but went at slot-car speeds so hopeless for shunting!

    They also had deep NEM flanges rather than RP25 flanges, which I found a bit distracting in HO.

    Are you going to keep them in HO or rescale (On30/Gn15/?)?
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      I have six Mehano engines. Three of them I converted to R/C control. One I modified to use a 6 volt Polu Motor. I want to eventually modify each of the engines. One engine I plan on adding an extra tender to for carrying water, pus increase the coal bunker. I'm thinking of a branch line engine that when it gets to the end of the branch there are no water or coaling facilities. So the engine has to take it's one supply to get back to the main engine terminal. Just a wild idea for now. And this is one of too many projects that may never see the light of day.

      Here's a few pictures of the converted engine.

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        I have a number of the Mehano steamers and they run quite well.