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    It's been a while since my last build. I spent about 3 weeks learning and practicing with Gimp. Bill Gill started my interested in Gimp with his letterbashing post. . I can't thank Bill enough for all of his support and advise on using Gimp during my startup and letterbashing practice. Thanks again Bill!

    My wife and I also spent two weeks in Brazil. Over the years we had 15 exchange students and five were from Brazil. Luisa, our 2005 student was getting married and since the other four students lived within 60 miles of Luisa we decided it was time for a visit. It was great visiting with all the kids and their families. The wedding was a typical Brazilian party bash and later, all the kids and their families got together and threw a barbeque in our honor.

    August was a busy month but now I'm excited about getting back on the forum to do some modeling.

    Last month I stated I was going to make a seedy bar but since I already made two taverns I decided to build a cigar shop. Since this build is going on the Gill Building and DiMone Shoe Factory Module I wanted the building to fit the existing architectural styles.

    Concept Sketch:

    It's great to be back...more later, thanks for looking in!!

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    I like it! I have a tobacco shop on my layout and carved a wooden indian for it. I see one in your sketch!!


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      Rusty Stumps has a casting of the Cigar Store Indian.
      -- KP --

      Life is to short to build all of the models I want to.


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        In the words of Stanley Ipkiss "Smokin!!' "


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          Dave, Looks like another wonderful build. You didn't mention scale, I assume 1/29 as usual.

          I have 1/24 scale cigar boxes and cigarette packs if you need any.

          I hope it doesn't go up in smoke.



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            Nice looking isometric drawing. I like the design, it got potential. :up:


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              This is going to be nice watching this come together. Based on the last couple builds are you naming this for anyone?

              As a kid,(1960's) there was a cigar shop at 63rd and Crawford (Pulaski for u northsiders) in Chicago that looked oh so similar. The Indian was to the left of the door.



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                That bay window will be a corker! Carry on....


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                  nevadablue...Thanks for the comments. what scale is your wooden indian carving? I can't carve so I will make him out of clay.

                  Kris...I'll check out Rusty Stump Indian, Thanks.

                  Thanks Bill. This build should be fun!

                  Bob...Thanks for the comments and the offer. It is 1:29 scale. Can you send cigar and cigarette boxes through email or post on this build? I would love to include them in the build!

                  Frank...Good to hear from you. I like drawing models as much as building them. I appreciate your comments.

                  Tom...Glad you checked in. I haven't given thought to naming this build.

                  Carl...Nice to hear from you!

                  The scale is 1:29.

                  The Cigar Store will be made with 7/16" Elmers Foamboard. I like the ease of making brick impressions in the 7/16" foamboard.

                  Wall Cutouts:

                  Peeling off the paper layer to expose the foam for brick impressions:



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                    Dave, I had to make this smaller to be accepted on the forum. If it is not clear enough I will

                    send you the higher resolution shot via email. It's a .jpg file so you can size it to whatever fits your needs.

                    The larger box measures 8 1/2 inches across.

                    The top section folds down to become the inside of the lid. I usually leave tabs at the corners

                    to help glue the boxes up.

                    I also have a bunch of old cigar co signs.




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                      The cigar boxes and cigarette packs are great and I can use what you posted!

                      Thank You my Friend.



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                        Like the others have said, great drawing and design. Something quite different from the neighbors.

                        I like that design for corner shops.


                        Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. James Baldwin


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                          Dave, your projects are getting more sophisticated with each new build'.

                          This looks like it will be another beauty'..Can't wait to see this one develop.

                          I know it will be fun for you putting it all together'..



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                              Bob, I like the signs and plan to use one on the build. The "Call Again" sign draws my attention!

                              Thanks, Dave