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  • PBL stock car kit

    Hi folks. I am building an Sn3 stock car and wanted to check with someone who is more familiar with constructing this one. I have a question. Where the weight fits between the underframe and the floor, I assume by the instructions that this will make the weight visible through the stringers when viewed from underneath, bottom side of underframe? This will result in the covering of the underside of the floor, hence the wood-grain is not viewable? Have I got this right? Perhaps similar weights could be positioned elsewhere, out of view? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Darren

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    Even though your question is more than a year old, I will attempt to answer. I built the steel framed P-B-L stock car and yes the steel weight covers the bottom of the floor. My instructions said to scribe board lines on the underside of the weight and sand it to give a wood grain effect, then paint whatever color you chose to represent to underside of the car. I think color is far more important than any wood detail given the undersides of the car. Detail here will be difficult to see, unlike the brake details which hang out in the air. My guess is you've finished your car long ago. I'd like to ask what you though of P-B-L's kit and instructions?