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  • My Xmas Project

    For my New Capitol R.R. train layout, which I've been building since summer 1981, I worked hard. Right now, I am building a Xmas scene on the layout, in which I scratchbuilt a house, one of many, using fiber optics and LEDs for xmas lights

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    "This skin reserved for Silver Fox Cape For Mrs. Van Dough."

    --from Looney Tunes\' Fox Pop

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    That's awesome! What scale is it?


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      Originally posted by Ray Dunakin

      That's awesome! What scale is it?

      HO scale
      "This skin reserved for Silver Fox Cape For Mrs. Van Dough."

      --from Looney Tunes\' Fox Pop


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        Nice lighting effects!


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          Here's some additional shots including with the "house lights" on, as well as the porch light.

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          "This skin reserved for Silver Fox Cape For Mrs. Van Dough."

          --from Looney Tunes\' Fox Pop


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              Originally posted by a440

              My Xmas project was to be another fairy hut for the Fairyland region )) of my RRRailways Empire. First building were done by my grand-daughters, from scratch (except for renovation of a delapidated, rottting garden housie into a hotel).

              The hut ended up as a Xmas decor as soon as my wife saw it. She suggested in the windows a half-transparent tape used for strengthening seems in clothing. Ither than that and the yhin wire holding steps together (bundles of plant stalks from the garden), the hut is 100% natural material:

              - first and only storey: braided basket for plant pot

              - windows of various sizes and a door: cut out braiding, leave occasional cross-frame in windows

              - gable roof: piece of 4x4 cedar post

              - roofing: magnolia leaves from the garden, with their tails sticking above the peak... many other natural materials would work: laurel etc. leaves, cedar shakes split from cedar pieces, or stuff mentioned next...

              - on gables: plum pits, nut shells, pine cone scales...

              - rounded corners of basket: cone scales (could use birch bark)

              - siding and opening framing: stalks of dried out plants in the garden

              - double door: middle of large magnolia leaf.
              After gluing the organics on with silicone, I tested hut in a heavy rain (no problrms) and finally sprayed it with clear lacquer.

              For future destination in Fairyryland, I smeared the bottom w. silicone, against ground moisture.

              My former Xmas project was even simpler: a set of Nativity figurines that came in a Value Village bag of something I needed more. For Xmas, I managed to finish a barn of a horse farm, with "sliding" double door opening into an interior filled w. hay bales and chicks. I took out the chicks, put the scene onto the hay, added a couple of electronic candles, and placed the barn by our entry door for Xmas guests to see :P

              This year, the Fairyland got a made-in-China-ceramic church (about 1:50 scale, Fairyland is the place for smaller scale and fable stuff) with "stained glass" translucent windows. I took out the cable with bulb, an e-candle will fit.

              I will try to finish my stone house of a fisherman near the fishing village. Stone sculptured onto styrofoam pieces, glued to a cedar block, "slate"roof of flakes from clay pot that disintegrated in frost. When almost finished, my wife saw in it the opportunity for another e-candle (she bought a bunch at the time ) I had to disassemble and drill openings for the candles opposite each window. Access thru (now removeable ) roof.

              The stone house stands on an older stone structure (previous house half in the ground of shore slope -- who knows ) that has its own window openings covered with (I have not yet decided):

              - plexi

              - pieces of glass from the beach, matted by the wave action, or

              - broken cover of a ceiling fluorescent lamp.

              Even though I have:

              - Nuclear power plant, my 1st industrial project, quick and dirty -- literally: I had to build adjacent underground nuclear waste storage with its own waste-only train so it does not contaminate my Empire The g-daughters put stringent restrictions to protect the habitat, incl. their Fairyland, e.g. a culvert for turtles to escape as the NPP encroached on their habitat, now dry for sucking out the river for cooling 3 reactors).

              - Wind -- propellers from misc. fans, towers: old-type airport truss tower, ribbed alu pipe (keel pump?) from marina garbage bin...

              - Hydro -- a mock-up of pumped storage plant, made of black rock blocks, same skylights covered with little glass-tile strips as in "windows" below;3turbimes, 3 granite cylinders (from my stone artisan friend, after drilling holes in gravestones ) sitting in the lake.

              - Solar on dairy farm roofs, could be anywhere. My "photovoltaics" are alu tile 2x2 inch.ex[pensive stuff ) like the real thing: over C$20/sq. ft. with the horrible exchange rate on U$. My farm has a better type -- the hybrid solar: photovoltaic and convection in the same piece, but the electronics, control, battery storage and water heating by hear exchangers get more complex, for which I built an attic in a modernised old barn ) Kids LOVE the stories, they pick up terminologu and technology basics. It's for them that I make the roofs and floors removeable in some buildings, so they see what's going on inside.

              I'd like all my lights in RRRailways Empire to be real solar eventually. People tell me they got sets of white little solar garden lights, 100 bulbs for C$15 at Canadian Tire last summer. It would be no problem to replace for a skilled guy like A440... and you guys in the US could finally close your reactors, some of which ruin our beautiful Canada. However, the HUGE problem of nuclear waste storage remains unsolved. Hanford spits radiation to Creston BC through an opening in mountains at the border, I witnessed there a few cancer cases, cancer rates are above average over there.


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                "Ither than that" should be "Except for that"