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  • Chuck Doan

    I am attempting to contact Chuck. My user name is my real name. I'm a nationally known artist and writer and am interested in purchasing a Chuck Doan model miracle. More about me here:

    Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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    Try the Westlake Pub's Finescaler forum: That's one of Chucks main hangouts. You'll probably have a better chance of getting hold of him over there.

    It's not Practice makes Perfect, It's Perfect Practice makes Perfect


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      Good luck with buying one of Chuck's models as I reckon you are going to need deep pockets . His models are the best in the World and will command a price tag to match .

      I get the impression he is not doing much modelling at the moment and is keeping a low profile on the Westlake Forum but that is probably the best place to reach him . He does post here , but not very often .

      I think the best way to own anything made by Chuck is to rummage through his dustbins and pinch whatever he has rejected !