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Barry Pate's "Making Spilt Rail Fences"

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  • Barry Pate's "Making Spilt Rail Fences"

    Moderator's Note: The tutorial below was originally posted by Barry Pate in his "Martinsburg Coal Mine Construction" thread. A copy of the tutorial has been moved here for safekeeping and easy reference by other members. The original is still open for discussion and questions.

    Here is a short tutorial on how I do Split Rail fences. In this neck of the woods they were cut using an axe for the most part so precision is not the aim here, especially as this particular fence is towards the back of the layout.

    Here's what I needed.

    I used some suitably sized basswood for the posts and cut them to five scale feet lengths, allowing a foot for setting into the ground.

    A quick template for where the wholes are to go. I used the scalpel blade to cut the holes but a drill would do also. Most posts will need holes on both sides so drilling right through will be OK.

    Next I cut some coffee stirrers to size (2" in this case) and split them lengthways.

    Then a bit of whittling. This is where the bandages may come in handy!

    When satisfied with the rails they are ready for gluing into the posts.

    Repeat as necessary for the length of fencing required.

    Dig your post wholes in the layout and plant your fence. I'll touch up with an ink and alcohol with the fence in situ this time but this could be done prior to planting.

    I hope this is helpful. It was very easy to do and produces a good length of open fence in a short time.

    Best wishes