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G Freight motor built on Bachmann Chassis

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  • G Freight motor built on Bachmann Chassis

    I posted this on Bachmann's forum, but I am also reposting it here, since this is a more user involved savy group of people.

    I purchased one of the "streetcar motor blocks with mudguards" to build into a durable wood trolley for my nephews who already have one of the 4-6-0 north pole sets. When we put the trolley chassis on the track with the 4-6-0 they both ran towards each other rather than in the same direction.

    So I know one of these is wired reverse of standard NMRA practice.

    I read the schematics for the 4-6-0 set and it indicated there should be a polarity reversing switch behind the smokebox door, but when I opened and looked there I did not find the switch as the photo in the schematic indicated.

    I would like to get both of these updated to the correct standard so they can work with any equipment we might add. I am not in the same town as these trains otherwise I would just run jumpers from my HO track and compare them to my models to determine which one is wired reverse.

    If anyone can recommend which one might be wired backwards, I believe it is the 4-6-0, but it does not have a polarity switch to flip, and I don't want to take it apart and reverse the wires if it turns out to be the trolley motor that is wired backwards. This would be easy to determine if I was in the same town with all of my HO equipment and the G gauge stuff, but instead I'm throwing it out to the group here for thoughts, that way next flight down I could take my soldering iron and electrical tools to do the swap.

    Included is a photo of the freight motor, it is made out of 3/8" pine with scribed siding and is very durable. They are 3 year olds, but I don't want them to start thinking that trains look like that brightly colored English Thomas stuff; these kids are going to get the American Experience if I have anything to say about it.


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    I think you will need a third engine to see which of the first two is wired wrong. You probably can just flip the motor over in the trolley drive to get them running the same direction.