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    Like most of us, I don't keep track. I don't want to. Often, when we have guests over to the house, they ask how much money I have tied up in my layout. I tell them I have no idea (which is true) and that I don't want to know. It is a hobby. If I had to keep track of the costs, it would be not nearly as much fun....


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      Well now this is a subject I've had some interest in because for whatever reason (sick, masochistic, should have been a bookkeeper), I've been keeping a close record of everything I spend on the hobby.

      Sometimes its very scary.



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        Originally posted by Tabooma County Rwy

        Like most of us, I don't keep track. I don't want to.

        Which is all well and good until you need to make a claim after a break-in.

        I was reviewing my Contents Policy t'other day and was horrified to find my Insurance company would only pay a fixed amount in the event of any collections being stolen.

        So now I have to evaluate some 100 British steam and diesel locos, 200 odd waggons ( freight cars to you) and 100 plus coaches (Cars) , then start on the On30 collection which is 18 locos plus around 30 Waggons and dozen cars, then start on the G gauge stuff ![:-timebm]

        Mrs B just has to total her collection of 155 Lilliput models ( similar I suppose to your Model5 6 Village )

        I dread to think what the final value will be.


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          I think think this is a loaded question and should be wiped from the net before it falls into the wrong hands. If it does we will start loosing members from the board.



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            I am not sure what the average would be but my guess would be around 2-3K per year.

            Al, I have people ask questions like that too, how much money do you have in this, what is the lineal feet of track etc. Instead of telling them I don't know, I tell them I know exactly what it is, then change the subject. Actually I don't have a clue about either one.

            Its not about size or how much, its all about enjoying yourself and others in the hobby.


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              That's something I don't really keep track of...don't want to scare myself
              In memory of Mike Chambers


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                Hi Guys

                Nice to know the longer we are married, the less we keep records on how much we spend. I'm in for 2500 plus each year.

                Peter [:-kitty]


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                  My wife and I have a running agreement of $1000.00 per year...but some years it varies. My father once asked me the dollar amount I figured I'd invested in my small 11x13 B&M layout. I got to thinking that it's probably (over time) reached the amount that a small family sedan costs.
                  Mike Hamer

                  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                    Last yaer I spent about 800. Now , in 06 I won't even try to guess how much so far. What with the construction of the room and changing over to On3O,Geeesh, and now I bought a new Nikon D200 and SB800 flash, just so I can take photos of all the work I will be doing , it's going to be well into the 3grand area this year.BOY!!! Am I glad I'm retired [:-bigeyes2]


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                      I have been spending a lot of money the last three years since I retired. I still have the new layout costs to go also.I have been keeping all my receipts but I'm afraid to look.I'd guess 5000 up for the last three years.The wife has been after me to get a table at one of the local shows and sell off what I'm not going to use. She loves putting on our annual yard sale and is quite the sales person. My talents run to buying and not selling so I have a bunch of stuff from the last 30 years or so that I don't need and never will use.



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                        I no longer keep track of the lesser items. When I built the current S&LS I did keep a running log of expenditures but gave up on it at $10,000. If I purchase a larger item, such as a car, I do enter it into my inventory.

                        I think I must be in the lower category. I buy far, far less than I once did, owing I think to the fact I really don't need much any more. As a matter of fact, after applying a operating formula to the layout 18 months ago I removed 40-50 cars and have been selling them at swap meets.

                        I know what the layout and its contents are worth, but I seldom let anyone else know.


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                          Hey Joe, It screwed up on my vote. Timed out before it got in and now won't let me re-enter it. 10,000 and up was my vote![:-bigeyes2][}]


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                            My [:-love] shows horses and I play with trains, so I DO keep track (just for comparison sake, mind you ). So far, she is far outspending me!!

                            :erm: [:-bigeyes2] :erm:

                            Works for me - no complaints about my purchases [:-bigeyes2]


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                              Unfortunately, I do keep track. I use Quicken pretty maniacally - I even track how I spend cash. But I never really looked at a year's worth of expenditures until just now.

                              Curse you, Joe!

                              OK, I'm appalled, but here's what I spent in the last 12 months -- $4,382.25

                              That number does include "non-hardware" like travel to train shows and motel bills and even lunch with the FreeMo gang. And dues and magazine subscriptions. It's all in a category I created called "Recreation - Model Railroading."

                              I think I'll just go hide.

                              And I also think that you guys who are estimating that you spend $500 or so are kidding yourself.



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                                I also keep track and WOW...

                                Last year $8362.35

                                This year so far $5925.67

                                Now heres the bad part "Money spent on my wife"

                                $462.12 for a new sewing machine....[:-scared][:-scared][:-scared][:-headache][:-headache][:-headache]

                                Mike J