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  • Annual Spending

    Ok Guys,

    Just how much do you spend on Model Railroad stuff each year ?


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    As I have no accurate records I went for between $1000 and $2500 as a best estimate.


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      I do not really keep track, but if I had to guess, I would have to say somewhere between $2500 and $5000 per year.

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        The information in this poll could be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands - like my wife's!

        I think I spend around $1,200 (US) a year on the hobby but have never really checked. I know I spent more per year when I first started in the hobby, as I was buying basic items and a lot of things I didn't really need - like Woodland Scenics foam risers (no knock on WS, it's just that risers a much cheaper to make on your own with plywood).

        I'm sure I could be much more $ efficient than I am if I was a bit more creative. Some forum members (like Mr Train Clown for example) amaze me with their creativity and ability to create fantastic items out of very basic materials.

        Hopefully, as my skills progress, I'll spend a bit less per year but create more. That will allow me to use the formerly spent rail funds on much more important family needs - like purchasing the "NFL Sunday Tickett" from Direct TV! MRR'ng while watching any football game - that's a sweet combination!


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          You need another choice: Waaaay too much!


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            I don't think any of us really keep track of this. Since hobby dollars is considered 'disposable income', we simply 'dispose' of it and enjoy! I guesssed between $500 - $1000. I would bet it might have been a little more when I was in the heat of building my layout, factoring in track, turnouts, etc., but now that that phase is over, spending has slowed a little.


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              My spending varies from year to year. This was a conservative year...but it aint over till it's over! [:-bigmouth] Next year I anticipate a jump...tryin' to play catch-up.


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                I also do not keep track of my expenditures.

                I would guess that being retired and on a somewhat limited amount of disposable income that I would fall into the $500 to $1000 range but that is only a guess.
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                  Hmmm, difficult that.....

                  1 New Bachmann 0n30 Loco per year, 3 or 4 of the BVM Kits as dallas releases them, loadsa Grandtline bits & Pieces, Lumber, decals and styrene as needed, Bachmann cars as and when my LHS gets new ones in, the odd decoder here and there; maybe acouple of structure kits and detail parts. Quite a few mags - Oh hell - don't let the wifey see this, looks like it's quite a few hundred pounds a year.


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                    I put $100 to $250 ... and that may include magazines. I have probably beat $250 in the past but I doubt I've ever spent more then $500 in a year. I suddenly feel poor.



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                      I do know it will be quite a bit less in the next year or so. LOTS of other expenditures seem in hand lately. "Forced" to scratchbuild more, which is not a bad thing.
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                        Two different amounts my wife thinks I spend and what I REALLY spend .



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                          I agree with Bosco and teejay, this info could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands, namely [:-love] ...

                          Anyway, I'm just getting started so spending much more this year than I will in the future. You know, lumber, track, turnouts, electrical, tools for workbench, modeling supplies, etc...

                          You get the picture.... Oh well sure having fun doing it though....




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                            Since this is my first year back into MRR, after an almost 15 year hiatus from the hobby, I would estimate that I've spent between 2 and 3 LARGE this last year and it ain't over yet. Most of it spent on acquiring hi-end structure kits, both, new kits from producers, and quite a few OOP kits on EBay. There has been also a lot spent on all the auxilliary items; adhesives, various paints, brushes, powders, tools, stripwood, detail parts, and so on....all the extras that it takes to actually build the models.

                            I've been retired almost four years, and this has been the biggest extravagance that I've allowed myself since I stopped working. But I used to travel alot, eat out, purchase all kinds of admissions, and maintain my woodworking tool collection, buy lots of presents for people, etc.; most of that stuff has tapered off, and I probably spent much more then than I do now on my hobby.

                            However, this is just my first year experience, in getting back up to speed, and I'll be spending much less in the future, as I have plenty of involved kits to build that should occupy my attention for a year or two at the pace I seem to work.

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                              The more I think about it, the more I find I'm spending on the hobby. My club dues are $25 a month. I subscribe to a bunch of magazines, so that takes me close to $500 before I buy any stuff. For stuff alone, I'm probably in the 250-500 dollar range

                              Now, if I count the cost of traveling to train shows like Springfield... well I better stop. I don't want my wife to see the final number.

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