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Lab Dad's "Stumps 101"

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  • Lab Dad's "Stumps 101"

    Moderator's Note: The tutorial below was originally posted by Marty Jones, aka "lab dad," in the "Stumps 101" thread. A copy of the tutorial has been moved here for safekeeping and easy access for reference. The original thread is still open for comments and questions:

    Thought someone might get something out of this.

    Over in the ground cover 101 questions were asked about making stumps.

    Here is how these were done;

    Both started out as balsa blocks.

    the stup was carved roundish, but not too round.

    Grain was carved onto the outside.

    Then taking an ice pick style tool I jabbed at the center(caution dont stab yourself) after repeated stabs the core starts to dissentigrate.

    Keep going untill the look you like is achieved.

    Then the stump was glued to the base and roots were added with elmers wood filler - the stuff in the tube. just squeeze it on to shape and then you can play with it. grain can be added once dry. I then painted the whole think brown, dry brushed highlights and shaddows. last step was to blend it into the ground and add the greenery.

    The fallen log is basically the same with the roots added. I carved the tapering base into it and the begings of the roots. I also left the bottom flat to help with the "settled in" look. the basic roots are just wire covered with the wood filler. the craggy root ball is spanish moss (I think) look in the dried flower section.

    both are about 1 1/2" in dia.

    I use old tea leaves for my fallen leaves.

    hope this is usefull to someone.