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  • 1/8 scale ruler

    I am looking for a ruler the reads 1/8 scale. I would like it to read up to 18 scale feet. I would like no other scales shown so I don't misread it.

    Does anyone know where I might find this idiot proof ruler?
    Tom M.

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    How about an architect's triangular ruler? Although I can't guarantee the idiot proof part. Why not make your own?

    Take the red pill


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      I saw a company at the Fine Scale Expo and some earlier show (maybe Amherst at the Eastern States) who sold dozens of different scale rulers printed on cardboard etc. A simple search doesn't find them, but I recall them spamming president of the Hub Div. so if I saved it I'll follow up.


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        I have a collection of rulers. I never saw one with just 8ths. But Pec and Mayouto rulers make very nice rulers with 4 scales. here is a pix.

        The 1/8th scale is very easy to read. You could black out the other scale with a marker, to avoid any confusion'...


        %20Extension%20 %20.jpeg%20[/IMG]

        Download Attachment: pec-tools-18-4r-rigid-black-chrome-high-contrast-machinist-ruler-with-markings-1-8-1-16-1-32-and-1-64_6098217.jpeg
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          Not only what Ted says, Tom -

          The 1/8 = 1 foot

          1/16 = 6 inches

          and the 1/32 scale would = 3inches.

          I think that or the drafting ruler is the best bet....JMPO.


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            Thanks ... I'll give pec tools a look.
            Tom M.


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              Tom, are you asking for a 1:8 scale ruler or 1/8"=1'-0" scale? A 1:8 is the same as 1 1/2"=1'-0" or 1/8"= 1inch.
              Phil Z

              POR (press on regardless)


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                I found what I am looking for:


                1:8 is the same as 1 1/2"=1'-0" or 1/8"= 1 inch

                Yes I should have said I am building in 1:8 scale.

                Tom M.


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                  Those are nice rulers. Same as engineers/architecture but not in triangle form.

                  I never quite understood the triangle. Think I'll order one of these, as I really like the design...

                  BTW Tom, what are you building in 1/8 scale?




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                    Sorry not to get back to you. My truck was stolen last Wednesday and burned to the ground. I have been busy with insurance and looking for a replacement.

                    I am looking at building a "hitch wagon", think horse and wagon and a some sort of railroad rolling stock. Haven't decided on the RR project yet. Not a big hurry as these will be winter projects.

                    The scale looks good but I didn't order it as their shipping/ handling charges to Canada were more than the cost of the ruler.
                    Tom M.


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                      Sorry to hear about your truck'..Crazy times we live in theses day's. Shipping is ridiculous to Canada. There are things I don;' order as the shipping coast as much as the item or more'...

                      so you're not alone'..Good luck with finding new truck'..



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                        Sorry to hear about yourtruck Tom, that's a bummer.

                        But I am glad you started this thread. I got to looking at rulers now, and found one by iGauging that has some definite possibilities. May not fit your criteria, but maybe mine. I went to Amazon for a look at what they had available and the one with the solid hook on the end will help me measure and cut stripwood with ease, as I often put rule to paper, add a block on the end, and place some stripwood against it to measure some lengths. This already has the end 'block' attached. I think I'll get it.

                        Tony Burgess

                        Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.~ Brian Greene


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                          Two weeks ago I found one that meets my needs at Lee Valley Tools. I have put it to great use on my 1:8 scale heavy farm wagon build.
                          Tom M.