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Large Scale Locomotive Carrying case

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  • Large Scale Locomotive Carrying case

    Well A problem I have run into is that going to train shows. I am always having to remove the shays from their boxes and having to hook up the tender and hook up the wiring. After all the time I have done this I am wearing out the plugs. I have even had one wire come out of it female plug. I can get it to work but it is a chore.

    I had seen carrying cases made but I did not want an extended ramp due to the length of my straight track and I don't want to mess u any scenery.

    Well with some experimenting I have made 3 boxes I have 2 shays and a C-19 to travel with. I can take the box an prop up one end and it sets on the track and push the locomotive onto the track or back into the box with ease.

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    Ty, try using the copper tape for stained glass windows and stick it to the edges of the slots in the carrying case. then use jumper wires to electrify the tape and drive 'er off.

    Now mind you I've never done this but I just thought of it now. It might work or something similar like .005 brass or copper angle attached to the slots. The thing about the angle is you could solder pins to it and insert those into the deck.


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      I had though about some type of metal. But when I cut the grooves and tested it, the locomotives side in and out with the push of 1 finger.. I do think your idea would work. Just fold it under where it touches the track. It should be a good enough of a pickup...



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        I didn't get to post them earlier but here are the finished pic's. The plywood I used was primed on one side and natural on the other side. So i put all the primed part towards the inside. I painted them a flat black. I then stained all of the out outside. Once dry I gave it 2 coats of Polyurethane.. The end is held on by 2 - 1/4 x 20 studs and a wing nut. They turned out pretty good.


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          I wrote a tip in February 2015 garden railway magazine for helping with plug issues