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Do we have an aversion to using Solvent based pain

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    quartergauger...In respect to air brushes, there are a lot of styles and types. That aside, I recently bought a Paasche H-202S. This is a single action, syphon type air brush. The kit I purchased has a case, airbrush (with aluminum handle, not plastic) hose, hanger extra pieces and two extra bottles. Retails for $95. Chicago Air Brush has these for $59 & free shipping. I paid $48 plus $13 shipping from a place: I feel that is a reasonable price for a good all around airbrush. My other airbrush is a Binks Wren I bought about 45 years ago and I love it. They still make this airbrush but the price now is way too high in my book.



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      I must say I used very few solvent base paints and glues.

      Probably because I had a double lung transplant 6 1/2 years ago. I am thankful for a 2nd Chance at Live and want to respect what was given to me.
      Tom M.


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        Thanks John', I appreciate the information'..ans will look at these products.

        Tom, I hear you'..and best of luck to you'...



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          I hate the clean up that goes with solvent paints. I still use them on all engines and rolling stock. Everything else get acrlyics craft paints.
          It's only make-believe


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            Tom M, Understand where you are coming from. I have seen others state how I feel about the question I raised for this thread. I don't think I'm going to concern myself over the small amount of time and how and where I am exposed to the fumes from solvent based paints. I would have very deep concerns if I was painting ships; or, involved in production painting as the amount of time exposed is more of the problem for those situations.

            I have seen much miss information on this subject and I feel some people have far overestimated the dangers in using solvent based paints. That was the reason I started this thread! I have absolutely no problem with people making personal decisions over what type of paint they are going to use. I just don't want miss informed people dictating to me about what I use!