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'20s, '30s and Beyond Model Railroad -- So. Calif.

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  • '20s, '30s and Beyond Model Railroad -- So. Calif.

    1. '20s, '30s and Beyond Model Railroad

    2. HO standard and HOn3

    3. Modular; Size: up to 40' x 60'

    4. 1920s through the steam-to-diesel transition

    5 and 6. No events sponsored (we set up at others' shows)

    7 and 8. We set up several times a year in the southern California area. We don't have meetings otherwise except for the very occasional work session.

    9. Dues: zero, zilch and nada! (we don't have any officers or bylaws, either)

    10. Benefits: showing off our highly detailed modules to hobbyists and the public; How long I have been a member: since founding it in 1991.

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    I saw you guys set up several times when growing up in Southern California. I remember your set ups fondly. I wanted to join but left for the Air Force before really being in a position where I could.


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      Some good looking modules.



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        Thanks for the compliments. New members are welcome. We'll be at the Great Train Show at the Orange County Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, CA on Jan. 30-31, 2016. Click here for details:


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          The club will be on display at The Big Train Show in Ontario, California on May 21-22, 2016.

          Show details are here:

          I'm making progress on my HO 1939 Santa Fe California Limited heavyweight passenger train: