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Walthers Proto 2000 Wheel Sets?

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    The Reboxx tool is shorter and their reason for that is that it makes it easier to insert. As Bill said, you have to squeeze the sideframes to get it to work. At one time I used a borrowed one but I cannot recall which cars I used it on, so I cannot comment on the egg-shape that Bill refers to. I too liked the original P2K wheels the best when they were made by Bachmann. I believe that the current line is simply called "Proto Wheels", but they have been unavailable for at least a year. They do seem to be on all Walthers RTR cars though. IM's and KD's are both a good substitute for me, even less expensive than the P2K's. IM's are also available in bulk packs of 100 for a little less per axle than the 12-packs.



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      Originally posted by tloc


      What "tool" are u using on the trucks and why


      The link someone posted won't work for me. This is 'the tool'' that I use.,8241.html
      It has a hardened cutting point at one end and you place it in the truck side frames and rotate it and it dresses the contact point to an ideal angle to minimize the friction of the axle points and the truck frame. I think I bought mine at a trainshow some time back but it is surprising how much material is reamed out of some sets of trucks while others are already perfect.
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        k9wrangler, it used to be that you would use the signs to indicate that the URL was located between the greater than and Less than signs. If you leave them in the website won't work. Now the software automatically includes them in the URL messing up the link. My bad.


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          k9wrangler - Yes it is amazing how much comes out of certain trucks. Over the years, I found that the old MDC (Roundhouse) trucks to be the closest to perfect, followed by Accurail. Interestingly enough, Walthers and Intermountain were both at the bottom, the more expensive models required the most work. Atlas, P2K and Athearn are in the middle.



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            As a former tool and die maker and Gauge Tech, I think that any asymmetrical "Egg Shape" created by a slightly shorter truck reaming tool would be very negligible. My guess is the angle of the point on the tool and in the truck pocket is quite a bit more obtuse than the angle on the point of the axle, so the truck pocket could likely be considerably more asymmetrical and still work just fine. I have Micromarks tool which supposedly is the longer version of the tool; but, I still apply a slight amount of pressure on the truck frames, while reaming the trucks. Look at how many axle lengths that Reboxx offers, from .955 up to 1.075 long. The variation in the distance from the end of one pocket point to the other on the trucks must vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next and probably between trucks from the same manufacture. Until I started looking through the various axle lengths offered by Reboxx I had no idea that this measurement could vary so much!


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              I've noticed significant benefits by using the 'right length' axles. I start with Reboxx's recommendations, but sometimes use a different size if the axles are too loose or the truck doesn't roll freely.

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                I would likely use Reboxx's wheels. if they where Code 110 wheels. From the Reboxx wheels I've used, I find they have problems with my turnouts and I am unwilling to further work on my track, to accommodate this manufacturers products.


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                  I have a packet of Intermountain Wheel Sets on order and will give them a very "good look" over when they get here. I will give an opinion, when I know more.


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                    Those of you who have recommended; or, simply stated you use and have been happy with Intermountain Railway Company's wheel-sets, can you tell me if they make Code 110 wheels and if so, what is their part numbers. The packet of Intermountain wheel-sets I ordered, have Code 88 treads. I'm angry with the fact that when ordering these wheel-sets, nothing in the nomenclature stated that they are Code 88 wheels! This is true for both Reboxx and Intermountain!

                    Makes me wonder if Code 110 wheels have been obsoleted?


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                      Intermountain sells two types of replacement wheels. Those listed as "Semi-Scale" are .88 and are part number 40052. Their 'regular' wheels (code 110, I presume) has part number 40050. Both of those numbers are for 33" wheels.


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                        Dutchman can I ask you how you have deduced this information as I can't find any information stating as much and I have been to Intermountain Railway's website looking.


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                          I couldn't find any specs on their website that defined the two, either. However, I did find another discussion thread after a quick on-line search:


                          Are you able to exchange the set you bought?



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                            Chuck, Thanks for the information. No, I'm not able to exchange. However, I'm going to use the Code 88 wheel-sets I have on trains that don't move very much. At least that's what I'm thinking right now.


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                              I have done three things about this situation: 1). I informed modeltrainstuff (M.B. Klein) that this information is not printed on their website where they are selling these items. 2). I informed Reboxx that this information isn't getting across to their retailers. 3). I informed Intermountain Railways of this same problem.

                              Don't know if anything will change; but, let's hope!


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                                I have been on a campaign of asking the manufacturers what is going on, when I have questions about one of their products. On Tuesday of this past week I went to Walthers to see what I could find out about why the changed suppliers for their Proto 2000 Wheel-Sets. Here is what I said:

                                "I have wondered for around a year now, why the old P2K wheel sets are no longer available? I have around 150 freight cars, approx. 130 have P2K wheels and now I've had to look else where for a replacement manufacturer and am less than satisfied with what I am finding! Also, why has the new 33" wheel-sets taken so long to procure from your new supplier? I have been a long time customer!"

                                I was a tad testy with them, as I had asked about this a couple times before and never gotten a response! I like Walthers, generally when no one else has an item, I can find it at Walthers. I did get a response this time:

                                "The old Proto 2000 wheel sets have been discontinued. They have been replaced with a newer wheel set item number 920-2300".

                                Not much of an answer, I had deduced at least this much, just from going to their website! I find it interesting that Customer Relations has been reduced to simple, canned, soundbites! More than likely what is happening is the overseas supplier is just not forthcoming with information. Some of you do not care for the old P2K wheel-sets, so this won't matter too you. However, I liked them.