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Walthers Proto 2000 Wheel Sets?

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  • Walthers Proto 2000 Wheel Sets?

    With around 150 freight and passenger cars, I had been using Life Like/Walthers Proto 2000 33" wheel sets, mostly the chilled wheels; but, some flat backed wheels. I found these to be excellent wheel sets fitting into almost all the trucks I have. I model 1953 on the Northern Pacific so the chilled wheels are appropriate.

    About a year ago, when attempting to buy more wheel sets, I noticed that the P2K line of wheels had gone through some changes. The chilled wheels were not being offered and the new P2K wheels where not as scale like; but, even worse is that they have been on back-order for close to a year now! I have more or less given up on using P2K wheels and tried some by Reboxx and Kadee. Didn't like Reboxx as they come with .088 wide wheels and Kadee's do not have the burnished silver colored tread like real wheel sets have.

    What do you use for replacement metal wheel sets?

    I build almost all my cars from kits as I love to build models. To be honest with you, I don't understand why any of the manufacturers still use plastic wheels! I find that metal wheels stay cleaner and like the "clickity clack" sounds they make rolling over rail joints. I would buy the new Walthers P2K wheels if they would ever be available!

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    I like the look of .088 wide wheels, so I've tuned up my track so they run OK; mostly they're more sensitive to wide gauge than .110 wheels. But I don't take cars with them to Hub Div. module setups, though I know a few people who do.


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      I've had good luck with Intermountain's sets. They offer both standard tread RP 25 (0.110") and semi scale tread (0.088"). I've tried both with good results.

      ExactRail wheels & axles have a very nice profile. Their treads are semi scale, but I tried a pair on my layout which has Atlas code 83 flextrack and snap switches and they ran OK.


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        I've been using the Intermountain 0.110" wheel sets and have been very happy with them.


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          I've worked on my track until I am blue in the face, it works just fine with code 110 wheels; but, the small amount of the Reboxx code 88 wheels I have tried showed more problems and I don't particularly think the code 88 wheels look all that much more realistic. I'm going to stick with Code 110 wheel sets. Since I model 1953, can anyone tell me if Intermountain makes chilled wheels?


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            NP2626, Intermountain does not offer any chilled iron wheels.


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              I didn't know Intermountain had wheels until now. But I have been using both P2K, as I stocked up years ago, and Kadee. I like Kadee, but I think P2K is better. Frankly, I don't notice the difference in appearance of the wheels when cars are on the tracks, so I am not really a stickler to any brand. These two are just the ones I've always used. And I too don't understand why plastic ones are still being made. Probably because if they are in a kit, it is keeping the overall cost down so they will sell better, and it is up to us to ditch them and pay more for better ones.
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                I have asked Walthers why the change from the old P2K wheels to this new, less detailed wheel and their response was less than forthcoming. Really doesn't make much difference, since they have an "UNKNOWN" expected delivery date for the 33" wheels and we're talking almost a years worth of expected delivery that never seems to happen.


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                  I'm guessing profit and possible availability.
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                    I use Intermountain wheels and am currently on my 4th box of them. Very good wheels in my opinion. I use 33" wheels, dress the trucks with 'the tool' and add weight to NMRA specs on most cars I put on the layout. I do like the Proto wheels and leave them on the cars that I've put together from Proto kits. The one difference I see is the axles on the Proto sets are plastic while the IM axles are metal with insulated wheels. The steel wheelsets do make a bit more noise on a passing train than the old plastic ones. They don't goop up like plastic wheels.
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                      What "tool" are u using on the trucks and why



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                        tloc, unsure who you are asking your question of; but, I use the "Truck Truer" available from Micromark,8241.html or other suppliers to ream out the wheel pocket on trucks. This will make the trucks/wheels roll as good as you can get.


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                          I have been told that the Reboxx tool is short for most trucks so that you have to squeeze the sideframes to hold it in place, resulting in an egg-shaped pocket for the axles that doesn't roll as well as the circular pocket formed when using the Micro-Mark tool. Can anyone with first hand experience confirm or refute this?


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                            I had been using P2K wheels until the supply dried up and then switched to the Kadee. I have heard good things about the Intermountain but have not tried them.

                            I have no experience with the Reboxx tool, the tool from MicroMark works like a charm!


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                              1. Somewhere I read a relatively scientific study comparing wheelsets. The Kadee wheels collected more crud than the steel Intermountain or Reboxx sets. The study attributed that to whatever metal/alloy Kadee uses.

                              2. I was told there are 2 runs of the Reboxx tool. The first one (before Reboxx got sold) is really good (I have one of those, but I can't remember where I put it :-( ). The second one isn't as good, apparently it's a bit too short and not quite as sharp.

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