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Gloorcraft PRR N6B Caboose

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  • Gloorcraft PRR N6B Caboose

    I've started a Gloorcraft PRR N6B Caboose in HO-scale. The directions are a bit difficult for me to make sense of.

    If someone has one they've built, please post photos of the underside.


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    I started a Quality Craft N-6b kit back in 2006. I think it's a later version of the Gloorcraft kits. I'm kinda stalled right now. I started a thread as part of a Rolling Stock Challenge, I joined on page 6.

    More recently I joined the "Finish Them Up" challenge,

    I joined on page 7.

    I haven't done much, but you may see something that helps sort out the directions.

    The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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      I have built two Gloorcraft 24 foot Northern Pacific cabooses and have another kit to start building sometime soon. I have found Gloorcraft kits to build into wonderful models. The instructions are a bit lacking; however, being a member of the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association, I have access to information on all of the N.P.'s various types of cabooses. Would the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society (PRRT&HS) have this same information?

      My guess is you are wanting to know how the brake gear and plumbing is laid out on the underside, certainly the N6B caboose is available in plastic RTR or kits, would you be able to find your needed information from one of these?


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        Thanks for the replies guys!

        George, that interior looks well done! I would attempt it, but I'm not home and lack the materials to try. Besides, I'm planning on putting interior lighting and Tomar Adlake markers. My wiring skills aren't that great.

        I like the idea of making the cupola out of wood. I do have some wood on hand that might do the trick.

        The area I'm getting lost in is step 4. It deals with putting together the underside.

        Following the directions without making any cuts, this is what I come up with. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to make the ribs out of. The first piece looks like it could make one. Does this make sense?


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          I added the bolster, beam and ribs a few years ago, so I don't remember the specifics. Looking at the plan, it looks like the ribs were provided and I don't remember cutting them out. Here's a copy of my plans, if they are different from yours, pm me your email address and I'll send you copies that are large enough to work from.

          I just took this picture of the bottom of my car. I'm planning the brake details now but should have done that before I glued everything on the bottom since I need to drill holes in the bolsters and the center beam for the brake line and it's more difficult to do now.

          The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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            Thanks! That's what I was looking for. The directions I have are the same as yours.

            It looks like you cut the bolsters down significantly from what were included.

            After I clicked Submit Reply, it occurred to me that perhaps if I cut the included piece of wood at an angle I could squeeze both ribs out of it.


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              In addition to George's photos, here are a couple of these I am working on. Just like George's, my effort is also stalled. (Been busy working on the layout) I did complete one of the complex end railing structures, but need to do three more. I am soldering them as opposed to trying to use CA.

              I am not sure why George cut his bolsters down, the plans show them going all the way out to the sides.

              I also added a 1 oz. weight to mine, because these cars are very light.

              Regards, Vic B.


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                Here's a C&O caboose from "the Gloor Craft kit." No idea whether this is the same kit or not, but the build is well documented, and the images may help.



                not modeling the C&O

                in Michigan


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                  I don't remember cutting the bolster down. Maybe this picture shows the bolster more clearly.

                  Vic, I've also soldered my end railings, but I'm not completely happy with them.

                  The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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                    I managed to cut the wood just right to get the ribs. Fit like a glove to. Then I realized I cut the cutout for the centersill upside down....

                    I'll have to dig out some scrap wood and see if I can build them from something else.