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  • g scale lumber sizes

    I am going to build a g scale gallows turntable, and are having trouble with scale sizes.On some drawings I have seen outer end ties are 6"x8". If I scale 6" @ 1:22.5 it comes out at slightly over 1/4"[ hardly enough to fix track and stringers to.Any pics I have seen ties appear to be much bigger. Is there a recognized method for finding these sizes or is it just up to individual modellers. I don't want to rip any of my lumber until I'm sure. I may be worrying about nothing, but this is my first attempt at scratch building.and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here is your scale ruler with an inches ruler. So if it says 6" x 8", I can see what you are saying. So, that leaves me without an answer.

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      Narrow gauge ties were usually 6"x8" but some may have been slightly bigger, more like standard gauge, which was 7"x9". That would be around 3/8" wide, plenty easy to spike track to that.


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        I agree 3/8" would be ok