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  • My YouTube Channel (Mostly Model Railroads)

    The "Introduce Yourself" thread looked a little congested, so I decided to make this my Intro "first" Post. I grew up and still live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, USA. As a kid I had a lionel train set, and lived 1/2 a block from the SOO Line railroad. Trains have always been around in my life. As I got older my interest waned, but then I had kids of my own, and they got me back into trains. However, things had changed and now there were Garden Railroads!

    This inspired me to get back into the hobby as a fun thing to do with my two boys. Of course one cannot have a Garden Railroad without showing it off once in a while, so I started a YouTube Channel. There you will find mostly videos of model railroads we have visited, as well as videos of the Deer Haven Garden Railroad, my G-Scale layout.

    I've also peppered my Channel with a few other videos of areas I'm interested in. Here's the link from which you can watch an intro to my Channel and subscribe if you wish to:

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    Welcome aboard. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I watched your latest video and that's an impressive layout. I noticed small leaves on the track, are you using on board batteries to power the locomotives?

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      Nope, my layout is all track power. I like to run double and triple headers as well as very long trains. Can't do that very well on batter power. My "latest" video is actually over a year old. It was done secondary to my "official" Open House video where I have everything set up and three trains running at once. My most recent video is an HO Layout from Oconomowoc, WI.


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        Hi DoctorZ. Welcome aboard. I operate a large garden scale layout every Saturday morning with a group of great model railroaders. Thanks for sharing your video of your garden layout. I really enjoyed the ride around the railroad. Also had fun checking out your other videos as well! :up: :up:
        Mike Hamer

        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada