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Scratched in O from Campbell Cigar Store Theme

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  • Scratched in O from Campbell Cigar Store Theme


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    Great looking building Ted. Fantastic looking job you did here. I like your added details. I'm glad you got your O scale structure constructed from those HO scale pictures I provided for you. Again, Job well done! I'm sure Rich is pleased to see you put those plans he had to good use.

    Louis L&R Western Railroad
    Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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      I received plans for the Campbell Cigar Store kit from Richard, {the Pennman}, however, the plans, instructions actually, didn't have any dimensions. So I asked the forum if anyone had built the kit and had any photos. As usual Louis, {The Desert Drover}, saved the day and posted pics of his beautiful build of the kit. I generally build from visuals anyway. Louis's photos gave me just what I needed. (having a terrible time trying to post tonight on the forum) for some reason...

      Here is the Campbell Cigar Store kit beautifully built by Louis'..

      This is what I came up with. It is a Meat and Bakery store. based on the Campbell's Cigar store. The large window is Rusty Stumps.

      The others and door are Don Tichey. First time I used 'Fiber Board. Nice material. I liked it for the sub walls. The wood is self scribed balsa. All signs are from the net. The sign light is also scratched from Evergreen 3/32 tubing with a 3 MM led. There is interior details

      and will be seen when I can post some night shots. Now, trying again for the 3rd tim to upload some pics....

      Can not load photos....sorry'.....



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        Nice. I like the swamp cooler.


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          Had to re-size and re-name 4 times to make photos much smaller then normal

          800 X 600 for the forum to accept them??? Smaller is better than no pics at all.

          Very frustrating last night......Any way, look forward to your comments.

          I'd like to thank Rich for the plans and Louis for taking his time in posting his photos.

          It is great to have forum buddies'..



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            Looking good, Ted. I'll have two pounds of hamburger, very lean please.

            Can't wait to see the lights on.




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              Thank you very much Louis, Bob and Ray.

              Had a heck of time loading to the forum. It seems it doesn't like

              files that start with a ( M). Stay tuned for night shots coming soon.
              id="Arial Black">[:-shades][:-magnify]



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                Very nice Ted. I can't wait until we get moved and settled so I can dig out all my building stuff.

                Lots of plans though.

                Dave Mason


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                  Thanks Dave, I know you were interested to see what I came up with when Louis posted his pics of the kit.

                  I know how yo feel with everything packed up and not building.....I wish you well is getting a sale as we discussed'...[^]