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  • MHM Caboose Bash

    When Morgan Hill re-released the long caboose kit a few weeks back, I snagged one up.

    Thing is, I forgot that I bought one of the original run kits. [:-dopey] lol

    So, I decided to shorten this one up a few feet.

    With this kit there is no resin frame, you build the frame from strip wood.

    So, I scanned the frame drawing to a file and edited it with windows paint.

    There were 2 cross braces between the bolsters, and I just copied and pasted one end from the brace to the end and overlapped that brace onto the other to get the length.

    As I type this, I think I may to rethink that and add the other, as there are some nice underside details I may want to try to keep if space allows.


    After shortening the drawing, I shortened the long frame pieces that come cut to size for the original length, pinned the edited drawing to a hunk of pink foam, and glued up the distressed and stained frame pieces together.

    Here everything is setting up in my FPJ (Fancy Pink Jig).

    Here it has been removed from my FPJ.

    When I figured the length, I decided to cut the sides just past the second vertical support past the sliding door opening.

    You can see the initial cuts past the support that I did while it was still in the sprue.

    Here it is removed, I'll carefully buzz those bits off flush with the end, and nip out the corner to match the original end part for the cross brace to fit.

    After measuring the parts, I found that the frame would be centered if I placed it 15mm from each end.

    That was needed as the end boards are longer than those within the frame.

    3 full boards fit before the frame ends, so I glued those to each end, and nipped the corners off the 4th to allow the frame to fit between them.

    Here I was checking that the frame fit.

    It was a little tight on one side, so I found the culprit and trimmed the excess away.

    These are the shorter boards that fit inside the caboose wall frame distressed and stained.

    Here they have been glued to the frame and dry brushed for the aged effect.

    One more check, to make sure that nothing happened to change the spacing for the wall frame.

    Time to set the base frame aside, and work on the walls.




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    You tawkin' ta me?

    AAaaayyyy Pawlie, go git Vinnie.....

    'es down at Vito's shovin' a pie in his face!!!!


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      Hey Bill!

      That original, How YOU doin? post for editing somehow disappeared??

      Go figure eh?


      I sure hope Pawlie saves us a slice.... ya know?[:-drool]


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        Dave nice. I really like your wood coloring.

        What was the base color? And the color for your dry brushing?

        "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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          Hey Jerry!

          The color is from 2 applications of Silverwood stain.

          One soak with the brush and a quick dry with the hair dryer & repeat.

          Highlight cracks between and ridges on boards with standard Ink/alcohol mix.

          Touch some board ends with the ink mix as well letting capillary action draw ink off brush and onto board ends.

          The dry brush color is Oyster White from Ceramacote.


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            WHOA! Great idea on bobbin that caboose Dave.

            I have the original (first run) of these built up.

            You're gonna like the way you look.....

            I can offer some advice though: Consider hiding some weight

            (at lease 1oz) lest the car be so light it derails all the time.

            Ask me how I know...;-)

            Looking forward to the next installment.


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              I'll do more than consider that Bill.

              On your advice, I'll make sure it happens!

              Thanks for the tip! :up:


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                looking very nice, excellent distressing and staining of the floor boards.



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                  Yo Bill and Vinnie!



                  I got cher update right heah! lmao!

                  I was able to assemble the frame early this morning.

                  Man what a breeze!

                  Could not have been easier if I had dumped the box out, and it had fallen together.


                  While the glue set up, I distressed and de-fuzzed a dozen of the boards for the siding, and stained them with my Ink/alco mix and set them on a paper towel to dry.

                  After looking over my selection of red tinted paints, and doing a couple test pieces, I chose Americana brand Georgia Clay colored craft paint.

                  I did the paint peel with the mineral spirits, craft paint and shipping tape method.

                  I measured and cut the variety of lengths I needed, and board by board glued them in place, always checking that I was staying vertical and square with the corners.

                  This is the tall end.

                  And both sides.

                  That's as far as I got before running out of my prepared wood strips.

                  It's waaay to nice to spend any more time indoors today, the Harley is growling my name and I gotta answer!

                  I'll pick this up again tomorrow the good lord willing.

                  Amy's working and it's supposed to be a rainy day.

                  Smells like model building time to me! :up:

                  Cheers all!



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                    Nice scratch build. Very inspiring.
                    Tom M.


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                      LOOKIN GOOD!!!

                      Just a tip on the weights, I get mine through

                      a MC shop on ebay. they are 1/4oz and stick better than

                      snot on a door know, only not as gooey! ;-)

                      They can be silver or black - I just bought 9 lbs for $21.00 free shipping....

                      500 + pieces....I'll never run out!


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                        Looking real good so far!


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                          Dave, Neat build and nice job on the peeling paint.


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                            Here's what I am talking about Dave -

                            I made the mistke of putting the roof on before I thought about weights on my caboose....just sayin'

                            (I wont post any more pix....;-)


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                              Impressive build Dave.
                              Kevin Miller

                              Winlock, WA