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LGB Mogul, removing the toy like

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  • LGB Mogul, removing the toy like

    Well another rainy day so in looking around for something to do my eyes landed on my 2019 Mogul with the smoke stack that had a melt down. It was one of those engines that I had to have years ago before all the advances in sound and quality of models, not to mention the correct scale. The engines smoke unit some how got so hot it melted the smoke stack and was leaning backwards. I had taken the smoke stack off another mogul years ago. As luck would have it I was thinning out the parts bin and Walla! I found the cut off stack. I always save parts just in case. As I continued scrounging through my box I found two head lights from a 1:20 Bachmann Connie bash I just did along with a compressor and a larger round number plate from the same. I also found some cab curtains from a scratch built engine from years ago along with a snow plow I had purchased to replace the home made one I had. A Connie Bell, some Pop valves from some where, a Generator form a Bachmann C-19 bash and an Accucraft C-19 whistle.I have a habit of forgetting to take a picture before I start so I had to pull one off the internet, Sorry to who ever this one is from.

    I replaced the smoke stack and found a Bear Trap arrestor on e-bay and will put that on once it makes it across the pond from Germany.

    Replaced the air compressor, the pop valves, whistle, generator, number plate and Bell. I had forgotten that the plow is attached to the lead truck to make tight turns so at first I couldn't figure how it was suppose to be attached. Out came the dremel, a cut here and there plus the removal of the cow catcher leaving the pilot beam then another cut here and there on the pilot beam and it fit. The addition of an accucraft coupler and air hose with glad hand finished it off.

    The brass hand rails, boiler bands and the numerous gold plated plastic wheels and levers all over the place had to go. I painted the handrails and bands, removed all the toy looking gold. I painted the arm rest pad along with the outer rim on all the wheels. I dirtied up the rods with ink and alcohol wash to give it a more metal look. The bright orange yellow re-railer was given a coat of black paint and will probably get silver, haven't decided yet. A real coal load in the tender along with the addition of tender to engine plate. I found I could bend the wires down and through the horn loop coupler on the tender and still negotiate my turns.

    Added some figures and I am pretty happy with the results. Now it can join the rest of the roster. If I ever get enough nerve, I'll weather my locos.

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    Still trying to figure out how you got a 2019 model in 2015? Nice job, looks great!


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      Mike, it’s a back to the future locomotive. Just getting that shinny gold trim off is an improvement.

      I’ve got one running around my overhead railway and during a backup maneuver it took the fatal fall, 8 feet to the floor. Surprisingly the cab roof took the impact and acted like a crash barrier. I found all the pieces and put Humpty Dumpty back together again.


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        Hi Tyson, You got me, model 2019S.

        Frank, how funny, that was how I had my first LGB train. It too took the fatal 8 foot fall during one of our Big earthquakes, I believe it was the Northridge quake. Same as yours, the cab took the blunt of the damage. I was amazed it didn't brake into a million pieces. With a little help form LGB for parts, I was able to put it back together also. That was the beginning of my scrap box. I still have that loco today. It was the first run waited months for it to come out.


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          That's a big improvement over the original!


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            I had another engine that I was going to sell but then decided to fix it up so here it is

            The smoke stack was missing and the tender had lost its coal bunkers somewhere down the line. I found a flare top off one of a battery powered loco. I striped it down and repainted it made new domes using a K-27 sand dome and a brass replacement steam dome made for the mogul some years ago. I added an air tank form PVC pipe, new compressor, bell, number board whistle, pop valves and classification lights form my scrap box. I used the Connie tool boxes and added extension boards for the coal load. Off course new engineer and fireman. I found the C&S logo and used Microsoft Publisher to make the words around the logo to match the original. Sent the file to Stan Cedarleaf to make some white decals. The smoke stack turned out to be a piece of curtain rod and the Bear trap was made form scrap using sprinkler pieces along with an O gauge C-16 smoke stack bottom and styrene. The pipe for the Bear Trap was made with aluminum tubing that I filled with salt and caped both ends to bend with out kinking.

            finished it off with new couplers, air hoses and Glad hands.


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              Beautiful! Very well done.

              I'll have to remember that salt trick for bending tubes.


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                I'm fascinated how much better the original Mogul looks with that large head light! Could you please tell me the part number for one of those lamps?

                My father and I have an original 2019S ourselves and I think I would give it a try to follow your example. Very nice results!


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                  The tittle to this thread said you wanted to remove the toy like look. The detail parts you added are great but right now it is still clean and shiny and plastic looking. Are you planning to weather it to get rid of the toy like appearance?


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                    Yes, eventually. Also remove the sliders. I have about 10 to do so I am in no hurry.


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                      " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                        "Also remove the sliders."

                        Yeah, that's what has always kept me from being an LGB fan. It's kinda like the third rail on Lionel as far as realism goes.