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    I found the 0.7 mm stretch cord at Wal Mart. Brand is "Bead N Stretch" and costs around 3 bucks for 75 ft.

    Holding it up against my original hoops, the size is a lot more believable. I will rip out old hoops and redo.

    This is certainly the longest project I have done without having made any progress.

    More to follow.

    While I'm thinking about it, I also saw some "barrel beads" next to the stretch cord. They look like a viable alternative to the spout weights in the Grandt Line spout kit. I am always losing little parts like that so I bought 1000 for $2. Should last awhile.



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        Hi there....

        I'm back from my Washington vacation and was in a hurry to make something happen on the module. Against my better judgement, I decided to mix and pour the water for my open top water tank.

        Having done this many times, I got antsy, as I have a tendency to do, and picked up where I left off after my last project using this Envirotex Lite.I swear by this stuff for modelling clear, flat, water, but unfortunately for me, the stuff I used was over 10+ years old.

        I mixed equal amounts of catalyst and hardener. got the bubbles out, and let it sit for a minute or two. Man, I have a mess!!! It got so hot in the hardening process that it ate a hole in my pink foam, and was waaaay too hot to touch. I'll add a pic when I can handle the finished product. I should have bought new.

        I also added foam to my module base, and that has caused some significant alterations to my track plan. But, that's how we roll on the Basche & Wackett Lines. I'll draw out the new plan on the foam and add that to the next installment of my follies tomorrow.

        I'm not looking forward to the "I told you so's"

        Nothing here I can't fix.

        More tomorrow.