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Hello all! New here!

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  • Hello all! New here!

    My name is Sean, I am 24 and currently live in Los Angeles. Growing up I loved trains, I was really into HO scale all the way up to high school, where the teenage years pulled me away from the hobby. I kept all my models, but boxed em' up and put them in storage. Now that I am getting a little older, have some money and am about to get a place of my own with my girlfriend of 2 years, things are starting to fall into place so I will be able to get back into the hobby.

    This is all going to start with the GF and I planning to permanently move to Washington state, about 30 miles south of Seattle in the Tacoma area. We plan on getting a 3 bedroom place so I can have a train room, a room for my office/ painting gallery for my GF and a 3rd room as a dedicated bedroom.

    I recently went into a book store and saw the April 2015 Model Railroader issue where I read the article about Duane Ericson's On30 Torres & Prietas layout and instantly fell in love with it. Before I saw that article I was going back and forth on weather or not I would want to do an On30 Logging or Mining layout. His layout cemented the idea of doing an On30 mining layout. I did a quick Google search for " On30 Torres & Prietas layout " which got took me to your wonderful community, and combed through every page of his build log.

    Really looking forward to participating and getting back into the hobby!


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    welcome. i'm a lurker here, not much of a poster. i just want to point you to the coast line rr in the On30 forum. there's almost 600 pages of the most fantastic layout i've ever seen. simplicity meets art meets model railroading. the builder is troels kirk and his layout is stunning, as is his art work. check it out before you make up your mind on something. it may inspire you.....


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      Welcome to the Forum, Sean. We are indeed the home of some great modelers, including a great group of On30 enthusiasts!


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        Welcome Sean.
        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

        Cedar Swamp
        SW of Manistique, MI

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