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    A passenger train goes by Serenity's Sandwich Shack in the town of Grandt Cliff. High above is the Cliffside Mine:


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      Ray, I am speechless! That is so perfect. I love the signage on the building which adds so much character to an already great looking structure. And the always amazes me how you approach things. Well done!


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        Thanks, Mark!


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          Ray, great looking building and the steps, very clever idea.


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            Here are a couple photos of a bridge I just finished. It's for a 15" gauge mine tram, that will run from the mines above Mineral Ridge, across to the mill. I gave it a planked deck because I figure they wouldn't want to risk spilling rocks onto the building, pedestrians or vehicles below. This is also the reason for the corrugated metal along the sides (plus it hides some less-than-prototypical construction elements):

            I still need to extend the concrete base of the bent, and also fill in a couple small voids in the concrete. The bent, and most of the bridge, is made from strips of styrene textured and painted to look like wood. The deck is 6mm Sintra.


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              Ray, as always well done and very fitting for the scene. I enjoy looking anytime you post no matter what forum, always inspiring.




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                Ray, You never stop amazing me [:-jester] :up: :up:




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                  Ray, That's a fun bridge. Looks like there'll be another shop directly under it? Great scenes.


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                    Are you going to run a tram on those rails? The corrugated panels look like they belong there!

                    Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                      EXCELLENT AND BEAUTIFUL BRIDGE'....Ray id="Impact">[^]



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                        Thanks! Yes, there will be another building directly under the bridge. That's one reason I wanted to get the bridge done, so I could see how much room I'd have for the building. It'll be a saloon called The Grizzly Bar. (Double pun -- In mining, a grizzly is used to separate ore. And of course, bar=bear.)

                        I'm planning to build an air loco for the mine tram, using the mechanism from a Bachmann On30 Porter. I'd like to set it up to run back and forth between the mines and the mill, automatically.


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                          You should have a set of initials after your name. Ray Dunakin, MMM for Miniature Master Mason.


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                            Looks Awesome!!


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                              I just got started again on the depot, but don't have anything to show yet. In the meantime…

                              Here are a couple small projects I worked on recently. First was making a big batch of new ocotillos to expand the foliage on the layout. I start with florist's wire, which has a green plastic coating on it. I use a couple different thicknesses, either individually, or mixed, depending on the size of the plant I want to model:

                              The next step is painting them with gesso. That's the stuff they use to prime artist's canvases. While the gesso is wet, I sprinkle on some fine grain sand available from the craft store. This goes on mainly at the lower end, to thicken the branches near the base. Then they're hung on a wire to dry:

                              Next I paint them with a coat of grayish-brown latex house paint. While the paint is wet I sprinkle on some green plastic grit from Plastruct, catalog #GC-104. It is then hung up to dry again:

                              I've found that the green grit fades, so the next step is to dry-brush on a bit of green latex paint:

                              To finish it off, I cut off the hook used to hang them. Then I paint some of the tips with red latex paint to represent the flowers. Finally the whole thing is given a couple coats of Krylon UV-resistant matte clear. Here are a couple photos of the plants installed on the layout:

                              The other little project was a test piece. I wanted to see if I could use Sintra to make a stone wall that matches the pinkish rocks on part of my layout. (I'm not sure but I think they may be rhyolite.) Here is a photo of the rocks on the layout, followed by a photo of the test piece:

                              I think it still needs a little work but it's getting there.


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                                Beautiful as always. Frank is right they need a new category MMM. MINATURE MASTER MASON

                                "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln