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New locos and ore car.

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  • New locos and ore car.

    My little piece of Verne Niner's E. & S. G. line arrived today. I got two Porter 0-4-2 locos (less cabs) and an ore car from him. My little layouts will be greatly enhanced by these machines. My little people are excited, nearly as much as I am. I was told by some nay-sayers that the little Porters wouldn't work in this scale (Gn15)... but I was sure they would be fine. I need small work locomotives and with the 1/24 people in this pic, I think you can see they WILL work. Now to decide how to (or whether to) build a cab.

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    Very cool. It's different, and I like it quite a bit..

    Nice work'...



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      No where does it say a locomotive must have a cab..

      Mike M


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        The neat thing about this is that I haven't done ANY work yet! The little loco is just ready to go it seems.

        I think I agree, that at least one of them will be cab-less. I may make the other one into some sort of tug-mule type of thing that would be used outside at the sawmill. Winter is miserable here much of the time, so a cab would be appropriate for that one. I like the front mounted winch on Ozsteam kit. It also has a removable cab so it could be run either way. I realize that the loco is tiny, but that's OK with me. The boiler is probably about 25% smaller than it would be for a scale 1/24 loco in a 'finescale' world.

        Something like this would be neat for one of the locos.

        Since it will be working at the sawmill, it will be converted to wood fired, with appropriate smoke stack too.


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            Thanks Ray! I also discovered that tiny steam locomotives were used in the lead mines at Laxey, Isle of Mann. Very neat little machines, and prove the 'always a prototype' for anything theory. I have a lead/silver mine in the plan, since that was the mainstay of Nevada mining for a LONG time.

            Images from "Bee on Great Laxey Mine Railway - 2005-08-21" by © Optimist on the run, 2005 /. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -