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Big Power on the Coalfield Western

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  • Big Power on the Coalfield Western

    Enough with the dinkies, teakettles, Forney bashes and rail trucks......anyone wanna build some REAL POWER??? LOL

    Seeing the Unrest in Europe and sensing the tensions in the Pacific....the Coalfield Western has placed an order with the Lima Locomotive Works for a narrow gauge 2-6-6-4 of a superpower design in order to prepare what it feels could be an unprecedented increase in traffic in the near future.......Top Secret photo smuggled out of the erecting shops.....

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    I have a soft spot for the big articulated....

    I will be following along, thanks for starting this thread.


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      Very interesting. I will also be following along.


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        With a boiler that big and those drivers, it'll take a really hard-driving engineer and a lazy fireman to run it out of steam.


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          Lotta work to do....fer now she goes back in the box til I get the new motor and gearboxes from NWSL. the position of those will impact how the boiler and front engine and rear engine are all connected up and how much of the steam distribution system gets built. The steam piping is actually quite similar to that on a C&O 2-6-6-6 just smaller in diameter.......Interesting stuff......Fer now I'm gonna work or her lil sister in the backround......


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            OK folks.....I'm wrestling with proportions now that I've had a chance to block the boiler up on the chasis.......First the larger diameter boiler....

            Now a smaller diameter one, (yes it still needs to be cut to length)

            Whatchall think? Its hard for me to tell without all the appliances and associated plumbing......

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              I vote for the second(smaller)boiler.


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                Smaller is better - you can always slide

                the next diameter sleeve over it, and

                taper the end if you need to "step up"...

                Just a thought....How are you going to mount the cab?


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                  It will be mounted to the cab floor of course........Seriously though.......The PVC will get a styrene wrapper, and the firebox built up from that, then the bab floor mounted to the firebox structure then the cab mounted to the cab floor......


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                    Holy carp, that is the biggest brute of a narrow gauge loco I've ever seen! What a great loco, and a terrific choice to model!


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                      Talk about king of the mountain, that is one big locomotive.

                      Looking forward to seeing this come along, I'll be along for the journey.

                      As for the boiler I vote for the smaller one, by the time all the appliances are attached it's still going to be a massive locomotive.
                      Ron Newby

                      General Manager

                      Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                        In the prototype picture, the boiler is not quit as wide as the front cylinders. Judging by that it maybe even better to go slightly smaller than your small boiler. The prototype you have the boiler plus the walk-ways that come out about the same distance as the front cylinders. That is surely a massive locomotive, I like it. I will be following along.

                        Good luck!
                        Joe Batson MMR#475



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                          Yeah after further study and mediatation.....I've decided to go with the smaller diameter pipe as a starting point. the wrapper and appliances and domes and sech will flesh her out nicely....


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                            Not exactly going by the prototype photo, thats just the inspiration that the beasties DID exist. I'm drawing from a lot of sources on this Beast including the Virginians 2-6-6-6 Blue Ridge........Also thats not the cylinder saddles that are gonna stay on it. As its gonna be a more modern single expansion articulated it will have piston cylinders front and rear, I just haven't built them yet.......


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                              STyrene actually got cut and shaped this I began construction by fabricating the trailing truck. now there more to a trailing truck thatn just sticking an extra axle or two on behind and calling it 'neat looking' Rear trailing trucks actually had a purpose for being, mainly to support a longer wider firebox providing more heating surface for a larger boiler....In my case I'm starting with the extra lead truck from a Bachmannn 4-6-0....

                              Some modification was made to allow it to be mounted under the locomotive later, but now the fun part, fabricating sideframes from styrene...

                              And another view showing it up against the truck itself......

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