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  • New layout dual gauge

    I recently started a new layout and it will have an HOn3 portion an a little dual gauge, but my main staging will be dual gauge and the narrow gauge and standard gauge need to separate just after they leave staging. I could not find an example of this configuration available and could not even find a prototype photo. I built the attached and it seems to work fine.

    Download Attachment: dual gauge split rrl.JPG
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    Download Attachment: WR FREIGHT STATION.JPG
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    Download Attachment: staging arrl.JPG
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    Ray, there are a number of ways to skin that cat.

    Here is a gauge separation turnout that I just made.

    I was going to have the dual gauge stop and standard gauge continue after the HOn3 turned off, but decided to continue the dual gauge for a little way past the turnout.


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      Thanks Bruce

      Mine is simpler since the gauges split with each only going one way. Your's is very neat. These must have been quite common, but a web search turned up nothing. Does anyone make these commercially as a kit. I used the Fasttracks jig I jut bought, although standard gauge it helped.


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        Ray, I don't know of any commercial source for these. I also used a Fast Tracks jig. I only have one, a dual gauge HO/HOn3 but it is pretty versatile, allowing me to build standard HO, plain HOn3, or a number of dual gauge options.

        Down the road, I might try building one like yours since I'm sure that the prototype did.

        Nice job.



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          I know Shinohara made dual gauge turnouts and track, and quite a variety of it as well, including turnouts and diverging tracks such as what you are looking for Ray. I don't know if they still make it or not, and if they do, I'm sure its quite pricy!


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            Thanks Mark I am using Shinahora dual gauge turnouts.

            Bruce I was tempted to buy the dual gaunge jigs, but I had most of my dual gauge and narrow gauge turnouts that I needed with the narrow gauge on both sides, I guess I could have muse transition from one side to the other, but it seemed the standard gauge was cheaper and was more useful for my purposes



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              Good morning Ray and all duel gaugers I'm using Shinahora turnouts and was told they were not Dcc but with a little work they will be OK. Many on line answers. Tom


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                Tom, I am not sure, but I think there literature says they cannot be made DCC friendly. To me it is academic, I had Dynatrol for 20+ years before DCC and never had DCC friendly turnouts and the lectornic circuit breaker was never a problem unless something was out of gauge