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Finescale Railroader Annual 2007

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  • Finescale Railroader Annual 2007

    Just arrived

    and Man !!!...

    Uncle Russ has some goodies, that I like......

    There's a steel brdige in there 173 feet high and another photo of a timber trestle bridge that one of you'se guys should build one day.. I nominate Phil France....

    B&W photos by Mal Ferrell.

    Alotta great models, especially the scratch built K27

    Regaugeing On30 Consolidation.

    My loco should be here soon that I purchased while in Caboose Hobbies a few weeks ago.

    And our dear mate Mic gets a mention

    well, as I never waste time, I do most of my reading in the loo..[:-smirk]..

    this edition should last a while..

    Marion [:-headphones]
    " Stay Motivated in Life "

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    I agree, Mario. This edition of the Narrow Gauge Annual is up to Uncle Russ' usual high standards. :up: I haven't finished reading it yet - been hung up on Mal Ferrel's Nevada County photos, and they're almost enough to make me want to switch to narrow gauge on my layout..... :crazy:

    I've said it already in another thread, but I'm really looking forward to the new book Russ is adding to the Annuals. It's going to be devoted to model and diorama building with "how to" articles and lots of photos.


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      Mike and Mario,

      Your right it is a good annual and I think the New one he is coming out with in December about building Diorama's and models will be the frosting on the cake.

      As always his annuals deserve :up: :up:


      "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." A. Lincoln


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        Originally posted by k27rgs

        There's ..... another photo of a timber trestle bridge that one of you'se guys should build one day.. I nominate Phil"size1">

        I presume you're pointing au moi

        as I seem to resemble that comment.

        Coersion will not motivate me.

        But FSR usually does.

        I hope mine is in the mail somewhere close.

        I only just got the previous issue a few weeks ago. And I'm still waiting on the Jul/Aug Gazette.

        I'm deprived.

        Ahh well, at least I get cheap wine and good cheese.




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          I probably won't get mine until October. For some reason the mail to Canada takes forever. I guess the wait will be worth it.



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            Hi Phil Morrow... funny how FSRR is posted direct from you should have yours already....

            " Stay Motivated in Life "



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              Hi Guys,

              Have had my Annual for awhile. There is a great article by Gil Freitag on his Stoney Mountain and Western, but more importantly, some of his feelings about the hobby and the people in it.

              Good stuff. A lot of the same stuff that makes this forum tick so well.


              Dunbarton, NH
              “Everything will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not the end”