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    First ever post in this forum area. About 3 months ago I found a 2003 paper kit by Paper Creek (I understand they are no longer around). The kit is of the Randsburg Barber Shop. I was telling my son about the kit, and with a little "googling" I found that Randsburg was not too far from his place in the Mohave desert. So I was out there this past week, and shot a few pictures. Here are some Randsburg and "oil country" photos.

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    Great photos, thanks for posting them!

    I need to get out there again and shoot some new pics. The last time I was there, I was still shooting film. Which wouldn't be too bad except that the lab screwed up the negatives and everything came out oddly washed out and discolored.


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      If I recall correctly, the Dean of Styrene Al Armitage drew plans for this structure. I can't recall if the plans were published in the Gazette or by Precision Scale Company. My ability to verify is limited currently as I have the referenced materials in storage.
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        ....Jim that is great photography. Is this the ghost town you had mentioned, or a different

        location. I love prototype structures that actually look like the models we build instead of the other

        way around'...Thanks for taking the time to take these pictures for us forum members while you were on

        your mission'... Much appreciated'...