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In memory of my dad, better late than never

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  • In memory of my dad, better late than never

    I have been born autistic for 50 years since my birth, along with attention deficit disorder a bit, but it didn't stop me from trying to build my dreams. That and the fact I have been also abused from my childhood to today. But it wasn't till '81 that you magazine, Model Railroader changed my life and I've been looking up to it as my guide for model railroading since then, with that, George Selios, the late John Allen and Rod Stewart as my inspiration. As such, beginning the summer of '81, I began work on my HO layout, The New Capitol R> for years right up to today, yet it's still half finished. In fact, it's it a garage with my mom's car and our house stuff taking up all the space I need to finish it, and I had hoped to finish in my late dad's memory (he lost his life in 2013), but there's no space. Worse my family's threatening to loot everything from me, even my layout and wipe it all out; right now, my only hope is to either raise money or win the lotto, so I can buy a bigger house with more space for my layout so I can finish and see a dream come true.

    "This skin reserved for Silver Fox Cape For Mrs. Van Dough."

    --from Looney Tunes\' Fox Pop

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    Good luck with your endeavours......


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      Good luck J. Mesa in reaching your goal. You've accomplished much so far and this will also be overcome.
      Dave Mason