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  • Would YOU Buy This eBay Item?

    Okay, Friends...Here ya go! Take a look at this badge, read the description, and vote whether or not you would buy it. Here's the item:

    We'll give this a couple of day before discussing it a bit further.

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    Well since you are asking, I assume there's something fishy going on, so no I wouldn't buy/bid on the badge!


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      Not without first having it appraised on the PBS Antiques' Show. Then it would have to be important to complete a collection I don't have! :crazy:


      Originally posted by hudsonelectric

      <font size="4"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color="blue">Allen</font id="blue"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></font id="size4"> []<br /><br><b><font face="Comic Sans MS"><font size="3"><i>Modeling the East in the West on the <font color="green">Northeastern</font id="green"> <font color="blue">Pacific RIM</font id="blue">, <font color="green">Oregon</font id="green">, that is!</i></font id="size3"></font id="Comic Sans MS"></b>


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        I say no. Please don't make us wait long for what you see though.



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          No, unless my pal Russ told me it was genuine.


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            Looks perfect! And I definitely want one!

            I can walk around the house singing...[:-bigmouth]

            Special Agent man

            Special agent man

            They've given you a number and taken away your name



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              Hmmmmm...I may have made this one too easy! If you voted 'NO, I WOULDN'T BUY IT', how about an explanation of why not? [:-magnify]


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                I voted "I don't know" because I don't know. However, since Russ raised the question, there's got to be something wrong with it.

                With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                  First, the sellers identity is kept secret....also, the type of pin clasp others me.

                  It just doesn't look official rnough, and I would do researh on this before dumping 200.+


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                    I voted NO on this one, mainly because:

                    - I don't think "Sterling" is something REA would put on the back of their badges,

                    - The steam engine "logo" on the front doesn't match my impression of what REA would have on a badge,

                    - "SPECIAL AGENT" seems to be stamped with a more modern type face; I would have thought that would be engraved.

                    That's three strikes so it had to be a NO.



                    Did you see this spitoon:


                    I asked the guy if this was a genuine UP spitoon that had been used on the trains and this is his answer:

                    "I don't know the history of this spitoon-- if they made repros it could be one. I have seen others like it on Ebay and some say original and others don't say and I just don't know!!!"

                    He sure is trying to make it sound real without even coming close to use any of those words.


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                      It smells Fishy to me too, I agree with the majority here.


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                        Absolutely not!

                        That is the most fake looking mess.

                        A "friend" of the Doll recently tried to get her to buy some "railroad" buttons with similar fake looking centers.
                        Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

                        Cedar Swamp
                        SW of Manistique, MI

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                          No! There is no number on it. Usually this type of badge is used to indentify the person that it is assigned to. George


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                            Of course I had to vote no. SInce I know nothing about if it is the real deal, I would be better off taking the easy way out and walking away.

                            Peter [:-kitty]


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                              Originally posted by hudsonelectric

                              Hmmmmm...I may have made this one too easy! If you voted 'NO, I WOULDN'T BUY IT', how about an explanation of why not? [:-magnify]

                              I don't need no stinkin badge.