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Batteries, how many mAh?

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    Thanks for the nice compliment Tom. Much appreciated.

    One thing I looked at with battery power is the use of a six volt motor. This came about when I first tried the Deltang receivers. Deltang only had six volt receivers at the time. I used three of the six volt receivers in three steam engines.

    I used a motor from Pololu that was an exact fit for the original motor.

    The engine is not battery powered. This was my first experiment with the Deltang receivers. I use 12 volt track power. What I'm suggesting is that we should look at smaller motors to power our engines. Torque can be had through gearing. I'm also working on a eddy current transmission to power model engines. I've posted on this transmission before.

    Here's a link to a forum thread I started on a battery powered HOn30 rail-truck.

    I guess I'm suggesting a whole new type of power design for model engines.

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      I discourage people from using RC batteries in dead rail.

      The quality of construction is not the same as commercial quality cells.

      They are designed for high rate charge and discharge. We do not need high rate charge and discharge.

      RC cells and packs do not have protection from short circuit, over charge or over discharge. Over discharge is important to us. Lithium polymer do not like to be discharged below 3V per cell. They will be damaged.

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      Pete Steinmetz

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        I've been experimenting using a pair of the standard AA batteries in Li-ion to power HO HO diesels.

        Even with the cheap Chinese ones of Ebay I can get a couple of hours running before they need recharging