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  • Welcome- What are you using or thinking about

    I wanted to welcome everyone who is interested or maybe is ahead of the crowd and has been using dead rail for awhile. Let us know what you have been using or maybe which systems you have checked out, why they will or won't work for you. There should be at least a few of you that have some questions also.

    I am in the research stage. I model in On30 and have a wide variety of locos to fit. Some will have sound, others probably not due to space. I would like to avoid trailer cars if I can on the smaller engines like the Porters and the Davenports.

    I have checked out the four main systems out there, Tam Valley, Stanton, CVP and Del Tang. I am leaning towards the CVP because of the features, the handheld controller and its ability to work with the sound decoders. All the systems have their share of pluses and minuses, and I suppose it depends on what is important to you and your layout. I have yet to wire anything up yet on the layout so I am open to them all.

    It is so nice to be able to lay track like the big boys with no concern for power routing or polarity.

    Can't wait to learn from those that have a greater knowledge than I.

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    Good luck Jeff!

    I am hoping to figure out how to use very small, very cheap rc car parts to power some really small 4 wheel ON30 critters (think speeders).


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      Thanks to the powers that be that have allowed this additional forum.

      I am in the research mode, just adding the cork road bed to the layout and within a couple months I want to be running "dead rail". I model in "HO".

      I am confused and have made no opinions at this time. I want sound and not sure the DEL TANG system allows for that but the pricing sure is great. After reading the initial 2 posts I will be Googling the Stanton system. I am intrigued by Rail Pros system but that is why I am here, as not sure how to make it battery operated. Looking forward to the respectful give and take RL-Forums is famous for.

      Enjoy the day


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        Hi guys. Great to have a section for discussing no power on the rails.

        I may not get rid of power to the rails 100% as of yet. I don't have a layout at the present but will be starting with an HOn30 quarry railroad. I have already built a railtruck in HOn30. After I got the chassis built and a motor installed I found the it had pickup problems do to it's light weight. Even after I added wipers it was still not enough to get good performance on just a circle of track. That's when I decided to go with batteries and the Deltang group of R/C equipment. I built an animated Athearn crane that used a Deltang 4.2Ghz R/C and batteries. Works quite well. I've also converted three IHC 2-6-0 steamers to the Deltang system and am quite pleased how they work.

        Many of you may know that there is a section on the Freerails forum that discusses R/C, battery power and the other mentioned products in this thread. This is where I learned about the Detang system.

        I'm looking forward to doing my part in contributing to this section as my projects progress.

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          I'll be following along. I have plans for a small oval in the garden, that will probably be in Gn15. It will definitely be RC.
          Cheers, Heath.


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            I'm looking forward to reading and learning as much as I can from this Forum! I model in On30, as well, but the DW&A will need small locos & critters ... hoping that the micro technology advances enough in the next 6-12 months that it can all work for me (not looking forward to, or even wanting, wiring this little beast up ... ...!

            Thank you, Admins, for putting this Forum up!

            JSBSOn30MRRs - Jefferson State Black Sheep On30 Model Railroaders, Founding Member

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              Dead Rails Forever! Thanks for doing this!


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                Originally posted by BigLars

                Good luck Jeff!

                I am hoping to figure out how to use very small, very cheap rc car parts to power some really small 4 wheel ON30 critters (think speeders).


                Be careful getting R/C stuff from the cheap cars out there. Not sure but they use either I/R remotes, like your TV controller or work on an FM frequency. Also some don't have very good speed controls. Meaning you can't control the speed like on a train throttle.

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                  I agree Larry, this stuff might be more trouble than it is worth. Trying to get things to function the way you want could end up being a nightmare. If you want to keep things simple I would recommend Del Tang. The website is a bit difficult to navigate and figure out but if you work with them they will guide you through what you need. Prices are good, size is small and it does what it is supposed to do.

                  Jeff B


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                    Thanks for the advice guys.


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                      I have built two little locos that are controlled by Deltang radios. I built the Tx22 from a kit and have installed two Rx60s in locos. I like the equipment VERY much. I just ordered two new Rx61 receivers and am looking forward to the next RC locos.

                      David of Deltang is very helpful. If you have questions about anything, just ask him. I'm a happy customer.


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                        Here's the size difference between a Deltang receiver and a NCE DCC D14SR Decoder.

                        If you go to my web site. I have a short write up of how I modified the DC board that comes with a non-DCC locomotive. It uses the 8 pin plug for plugging in the DCC decoder.


                        New York, Vermont & Northern Rwy. - Route of the Black Diamonds


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                          Thanks for allowing and opening up the new topic here.

                          I used radio control and battery power in the early 1990's with a LGB Stantz in my garden railroad.

                          Today I use the Tam Valley system controlled by my Digitrax Zephyr. I have three receivers running Porters and Heislers. All locos have sound.

                          My main concern is getting 14.4V power required to run sound in small batteries,

                          I'll enjoy reading and replying to the postings here.
                          Tom M.


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                            EUREKA! I guess I will follow along as well....


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                              The timing of this topic comes at just the right time for me. After an absence of 25 years from model railroading, I find that the hobby has advanced a lot. I'm just starting to plan my HOn3 small railroad and will be researching this topic to see if battery power will work for me.

                              I have a number of brass locos and a new Blackstone C-19 that I'd like to run on battery and R/C. I hope I will be able to make some contributions down the road.