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Bill Gill's McIntosh apples for pickup load

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    Bill, thanks for posting this excellent how to, when it comes to making these delicious looking crates of apples.

    Greg Shinnie


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      I've said so elsewhere, but I need to add it here, too. I apple-laud (sorry, but I feel the "Ensign" Force this evening) both the results and the SBS that you posted here. I've admired this since it hit the model rail press a couple of years ago, and appreciate having a quick place to find the information when I need to come looking for it.

      Happy New Year! [:-party]


      in Michigan


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        Hi Ed, Thanks. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so was does a tomato a day do?

        k9wrangler, macs are my favorite too. A pie with macs, cortlands and Northern spy works really well.

        Hi Greg, Thanks. Coming from someone who "Shinnies" at making details, that means a lot.

        Pete, As Ensign might say 'may the farce be with you', or was that Darby O'Gill? Glad it's useful for you.

        More things coming in a day or so in A Series of HO Trucks down in the Vehicles & Non-Rail Transportation thread.


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          Looks great Bill. I love the "feel" of the truck.


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            Thanks, Chris. The goal was to look well used, but not worn out.


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              Good en Bill! I like the stance of the truck also! looks loaded!



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                Thanks Philip! You're right, I forgot, the rear suspension was lowered a little with a file when the body was off the chassis. Same with the Vacation Woody in the other post. It does give a feeling of weight.


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                  I'm still hangin around Bill. Now that apple season is over, the sea

                  is calling me back. Building me a Grand Banks Dory (Bluejacket) for

                  a change of pace.



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                    " Stay Motivated in Life "



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                      Hi John, Thanks for taking a look. I'll look for your posts of the dory.

                      Thanks Mario, Your website is one already bookmarked for inspiration!


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                        Bill- How did you get the driver's striped shirt to look so realistic?


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                          B_A_R, Thanks for taking a look. The driver's shirt was first painted with an off white, matte (not quite flat) acrylic paint. The brown lines were drawn with a Sakura Pigma Micron archival ink marker. The nib size was 0.005. These markers are available in a limited range of colors ( black, brown, red, green, blue) at A.C. Moore, Michael's and art supply stores. The black markers are good for drawing window gaskets around locomotive windows if the base finish has a little tooth to it. These markers will not fade like a Sharpie.

                          It took several tries to get enough lines to look acceptable, so the matte base color is important. A glossy base paint causes the marker to bead up. A flat base gets stained by the marker ink and needs to get repainted each time there is a goof.


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                            Besides the apples themselves, the apple boxes also add a lot to this model. Here's a closer photo of the back of the truck. You can see there are two different styles of boxes there, two older boxes on the left and a new one on the right. They are based on the two prototype box styles posted here earlier.

                            (Sorry for the blurry snapshot)


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                              Amazing work, Bill. Thanks for the how-to.

                              Jeff S.


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                                Thanks for taking a look, Jeff.