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A Series of HO Trucks

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  • A Series of HO Trucks

    This will be a series of photos of HO CMW Mini Metals trucks I have detailed, mostly for the NEB&W RR.

    For openers here are two 1941-46 Chevy pickups fresh out of their boxes. The bent fender on the red truck inspired its makeover.

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    Loading milkcans at Chester, VT photograph by my son William C. Gill.


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      photograph by William C. Gill


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          A load of Macintosh apples


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            RMC cover November 2013, photo by William C. Gill

            Here's the load of MacIntosh apples on the NEB&W. Macs are an early apple. NY state was and is the number grower of Macs, so they are a great load to reinforce the late September time frame of the layout.


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              Nice job on those trucks, Bill.

              Good to see some pictures of the NEB&W again, too. We used to visit it fairly frequently (one of our sons went to RPI), but haven't been up in years.

              I thought that a field trip for the GSD (NMRA) would be nice, but heard that the general open houses are now a thing of the past?


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                Nicely detailed vehicles Bill.

                What did you use for your Macintosh apples? They look great! A short how-to maybe?

                Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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                  Nice weathering job, Bill. It's not over done, just dirty with a little rust. :up:

                  The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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                    Bruce, Thanks. Unfortunately for the foreseeable future open houses just are not feasible. As you know from your past visits, the layout is always in a state of change. Right now there are major changes happening on the northern end of the layout. You can see some of the work here: The goal is to have the areas partially operational by the Spring op session. There just isn't enough time or manpower to also cleanup everything and host open houses.

                    Louis, good idea. I'll try to put together a description of how they were made and I guess post it here unless there is a better place?

                    Thanks, George. After I detailed a Woody for the club (the dark blue one at the bottom of this page ), the club dropped a handful of CMW trucks on me and said 'See what you can do with these'. Each truck became an experiment in weathering techniques or devising appropriate loads that fit the time period and season of the layout. It was a fun project. My own layout is tiny and does not have room for all things i can try for the club's layout. There will be more trucks added to this post, though not all at once.


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                      Thanks for sharing, Bill. The weathering is beautiful on the truck. The photography is spectacular! Of course, the layout is a real gem as well! [:-apple] [:-apple]
                      Mike Hamer

                      Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                        Great truck and I wanted to ask the same as Louis, I like your apples too


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                          Bill, great looking trucks & photography!

                          Really great to see you sharing yours & your son's work here!

                          Greg Shinnie


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                            Hey Bill,

                            Good to see your fine projects on Rail Line.

                            New York, Vermont & Northern Rwy. - Route of the Black Diamonds


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                              Nice lolling trucks, Bill. It's hRd to tell the models from real ones.