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50ft O scale sternwheeler

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    Lennart, would both the tri-cocks and the sight glass be necessary? Don't they do basically the same thing.


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      Keeping track of the water level was critical - too low could lead to a boiler explosion which would be fatal to anyone standing nearby. So it is a case of belt and braces, I have never seen a steam locomotive backhead which did not have both. Making sure that their indications agreed would tell you the reading was correct.

      Lennart Elg - the Sloat Lumber Man


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        Still lurking.....about the small "crack Lennart -

        cant you use some putty to hide it?


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          Many a tale has been told of sight glasses that were wrong, or so clouded by mineral deposits that they were hard to read, leading to error. As Lennart pointed out, the results of errors here are usually disastrous and fatal. So, every new engineer learns that his best friend is the try cocks, they work every time.

          I am planning a 'Tall Tale' about this very thing on my AV&W..."Lucky 7" narrowly avoided exploding at the hands of a new engineer when her sight glass was clouded. Only the fact that she was heading down a 4% grade, which caused more water to slosh back over the crown sheet, saved the old girl and her crew. That was not an uncommon occurrence.

          Lennart, thank you very much for the piping diagram, wasn't sure of the arrangement!


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            To answer Franks question. For awhile they were both used on locomotive's. As "stuff" would clog in the bottom of the sight glass giving a false reading. So crews had the back up system if something didn't seem right. I would think this would be even more important on a boat using river Wes water.
            It\'s only make-believe


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              Hi Lennart,

              I've been following your post from the beginning. Am currently well into building

              Train-Troll's(HO)Western River Towboat. Will be looking at your ideas for details

              and how you cover all those laser burnt edges. I'm a sucker for steam boats.

              John Elwood


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                I'm loving the extra detailed research on the boiler Lennart- glad you didn't raise this when we were talking about the kit design or it would have taken me forever to get the kit out! looking forward to seeing you tackling the rear end with cabin and paddle. Hey John re the burnt edges: basswood is OK with low burn but its the thin birch ply thats a pain. suggest lightly sanding the edge with fine grit paper - its really the only thing that is effective.


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                  Originally posted by Philip View Post
                  I started a thread on the SS Maru 5 years ago.

                  It's currently a shelf orphan.


                  Bernd, It was at this old url....