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    I got back to this project now that I have the sealed beam headlights. These are how they arrived:

    Ron Graciously cut them out of the 70 tonner shell with some extra material and shipped them complete with the headlight lenses.

    I removed the lenses and sanded the backs until they were the proper thickness. Then I puttied up the old headlight holes in the shell and sanded them smooth.

    The new headlights were glued onto the old shell and the headlight holes drilled out.

    With this last detail the model is ready for paint.


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      Finally getting this project back on track. I got all my projects in a row and managed to spend this afternoon painting:

      I painted the radiator grills yellow first, masked them and painted the green. the yellow stripes will be decals.

      Next is some detail painting and the decaling.


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        Scalecoat's CN SIG Green?


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          True Line's paint, it's a water based acrylic.


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            Interesting project. I do love that paint scheme for the CN. It's coming along nicely Glen.


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              Thanks Mark. I admit that I haven't spent allot of time on this project but it is coming to an end. I decaled the engine over the weekend.

              I used an old set of Accu-cal decals. I've been collecting these at swap meets over the years just for these projects. This set is also the only one that has the proper decals specifically for CN's GE 44 tonners. In fact it will decal any CN hood unit that was built.

              They also include placement diagrams for all the CN engines the set was designed for.

              The only down side to accucals that I can see is that they are printed on a full decal sheet so you have to trim as close to the decal as possible to avoid the dreaded decal film. I used Walthers solvaset which helps with that problem.

              It took a few hours to decals the engine. Allot of small decals and you can only decal one side, then wait for them to dry before doing the other side.

              The hardest part were the class numbers under the '5'. They are all individual decals and so small I was applying them with the tip of a #11 xacto blade. Again the solvaset was a bit help.

              Next is re-assembly .


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                Looks good. I have an undec 44-tonner waiting for me to build the in-plant track at GE's River Works.


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                  Hi Glen, applying the decals can be tedious work when individual letters are involved, but you have done a fine job with your painting and decal work.

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                    It is good to see this project nearing completion, Glen.


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                      Lookin really good, Glen.


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                        Thanks guys. Well it's all done except the weathering. As you can see with the prototype photos, these locos rarely (if ever) saw a wash rack. Here it is now:

                        I re installed the handrails and painted the ends in Ceramcoat Antique Gold which is a pretty good match for CNR yellow. I replaced the Bachmann engineer with a Weston figure. I don't have to put a fireman in the cab because at 44 tons the engine is just under the weight requirement to have one.

                        The coupler cut bars were the hardest to install. All four pins are friction fit.

                        I painted the headlights in aluminum, added the marker lights and air hoses. The model originally came with air hoses but they were on the wrong side for these engines.

                        Next is some weathering, some dirt and grime on the running boards, steps, trucks ect.


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                          She looks good, Glen. How does she run?


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                            Good looking unit, Needs sound!


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                              Thanks Again guys.

                              It runs pretty good Bruce, just a bit on the noisy side though. I might have to check the drive again and re-lube it. The more I run it the better it gets though.

                              No room for sound in this little fellow as far as I can see. With the exception of the cab space everything else to packed tight with frame, drive or circuit board.

                              Here's a few parting shorts of it on the layout

                              I did a bit of light weathering, grimy black on the trucks, running boards, side skirts and pilots, dirt on the running boards, ladders and pilots.


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                                Well done, Glen. :up:

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