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Thursday Morning Lounge...Hot Coffee!!!

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  • Thursday Morning Lounge...Hot Coffee!!!

    Gooooooooooooood Morning, Crew!!

    It's gonna be another beeee-you-teee-full late summer day here in the Naugahide Headquarters of the World! Yeah, ol' Rich J just had to post his spectacular summer vacation photos from the National Narrow Gauge Convention. [:P] I'll keep those photos in mind while I'm enjoying MY vacation here in the backyard working on the house! [:-bigmouth] Hey, I can't complain...I have the foundation blocks built up above ground and will be starting the framing construction this weekend. What's goin' on, Gang? If ya wanna see some great modelin' in a confined space, check out the peanut butter lid challenge thread! Well, lessee...the toast is out, the oatmeal and REAL maple syrup is out, those little breakfast steaks are a-sizzlin on the grill, and our lightly seasoned cheesy eggs are out, too. Got fresh fruit slices, fresh cold juice, milk, and lots o' HOT COFFEE!!! I started working on the other coupler mounting for my baggage car and I'll finish that up tonight. Okay, Friends...I'm a-gonna have my last cuppa here and get ready for some circular sawin'! While you're close by, howzabout sharing today's Good Word!

    Russ id="Comic Sans MS">id="blue">

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    Good morning Russ,

    Nice here too. Supposed to get all the way up to 78-degrees here today. Who said summer is over?

    Thanks for the grubb, but I'm feasting on a glass of chocolate protein , and Fuze, which is a drink that is supposed to curtail your appetite. Well, it's so nasty, it's all I can do to drink it, so I guess it works!

    I need to get some work done on Baxter's today. I've been tied up with some other projects, but enough is enough! As I peak out the window, I also realize that if I don't mow the lawn today, I'm gonna need a herd of cows.

    Oh well, back to work. Good luck with your 1:1 project Russ!



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      Good morning, Russ, and the rest of the crew. It looks like I will be able to get some outside work done today. The sun is shining, and the grass should dry out later this morning.

      MRPO is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a sale starting today, so I'm sure that I head over there later this afternoon.

      I stained some stripwood last night for a new scratchbuilding project, and I have another project in progress on the bench as well. I will try to get a little work done on both tonight.

      Well, time to eat some of those cheesy eggs and enjoy some coffee.

      Have a great day.


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        Mornin' Russ and Crew .

        Yesterday afternoon at work there was a bit of a commotion as someone spotted not one , but two,small funnel clouds in the sky . We all went out to have a look ....very rare for this area . I don't think they touched down .[:-clover]

        I got started on my 1 foot Challenge , getting the basic main structure cut out of sheet styrene and glued together . Working on it once or twice a week should do the trick .

        Gotta check out the other active topics . have a good one .



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          There was fog in the area again today, but not quite so much around my home. Sun is shining and it is supposed to go to the 80 degree range today.

          I have some 1:1 scenicing I am working on, probably get some grass seed later. Lots of rocks where I have the ground all worked up but it's just part of the ordeal. I'll probably have to mow my existing grass today sometime, too.

          Walther's new big book came yesterday, some of the pages were dog eared and the cover starting to tear in spite of the heavy cardboard it was packed in. The postal service sure does rough some things up at times. On the whole they do a darn good job, tho.

          Well, time to have some of Russ' breakfast then check active topics.

          Gotta run!

          BE SAFE!
          Karl Scribner-Curmudgeon

          Cedar Swamp
          SW of Manistique, MI

          Avatar image by Savannah Lyn Burgess 7-15-2022


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              Good morning Russ and crew,

              Gorgeous day here in Indiana and look forward to getting out and enjoying it.

              Our British friends just left for home. We had a wonderful time as always and hated to see them go. But as they say, all good things come to an end.

              With all the fun and relaxing time we had it will be hard to get going again on modeling, but in a day or so I am sure it the bug will kick back in.

              Have a great day everyone!


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                Originally posted by TomPM

                A parent went after one of coaches physically because he disagreed with the drill that the coaches were running and the fact that his son had to do the drill.

                Parents that do things like that don't need their buddies to help them, they need a psychiatrist. [!]


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                  With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine.


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                    Hello all.

                    Finished making a new mold of a cut stone single track tunnel portal and poured its first casting this morning. It turned out very well. This should sure help keep my cost down of buying pre-made portals. I'm also starting some more molds for a cut stone wall, and I'm trying out making molds of some styrene brick walls from a kit. Has anyone made their own wall molds from existing plastic kit walls? I'm using Woodland Scenics Latex Rubber to make the molds.

                    I've also laid some more track and cut some foam to form a mountain ridge. I'll be adding the cardboard web this afternoon, and hopefully some plaster cloth.

                    One and half more days of vacation, so I better check out the other threads and head back down stairs.

                    Hope every one is having a great day!


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                      Good afternoon Russ & Crew. Sorry, couldn't make this morning. A few store trips and then right now taking a break from trying to book a train trip. Coffee really hit the spot, thanks.

                      Weather here on the Cape is great. Had a tourist from Tennessee ask me if "Does the water in the Ocean goes to the bottom......I said "HERE'S YOUR SIGN" Have a great day crew.


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                        Morning Guys. Same weather here as Tom. Nice day. It is a shame Tom what happened at practice. It is a lucky thing it did not get worse. I hope they nail the SOB! No modeling tonight. I have to clean the pool and get it ready for closing tomorrow. I might get downstairs to work on the car cards for the next operating session.