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Trout Creek Engineering Hon3 Log Car

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  • Trout Creek Engineering Hon3 Log Car

    Just some pics of one of the last kits i built.

    I have 4 of these in total so 3 more to go. They are time consuming but you do end up with a nice model if you take your time.

    Its painted and a log load added but haven't had time to snap a photo to upload. maybe later.

    I didnt model the brake hoses that come with the kit. I think i would be in for to much frustration. If you were going for a competition model then yes but a functional layout model im in a different mind about the tiny super detailing.

    Download Attachment: 20141106_190813.jpg
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    Download Attachment: 20141106_190805.jpg
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    HO Logging Layout in a Shed.

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    I look forward to seeing a picture of it with the load, Adrian.


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      that is still some tiny detailing applied on that car!

      Nice model! :up:



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        I had trouble with the coupler pockets since i use the Hon3 Kadee. They didn't fit as required so i made the styrne ones to fit them in.

        I thought i had a photo of it finished on my phone but cant find it. Ill snap some when im home from work. One cool thing about the kit is you can make it a custom length. The one above is 30' but i think the are as long as 40' and you can just cut the beams to your required length.

        The castings have exceptional detail. Would be cool to be able to just buy them as the thing is basically scratch building. Still felt nice to finish it of though.
        Owen Pass Lumber Company

        HO Logging Layout in a Shed.


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          Those models look nice.

          I've got a couple of Scotia Scale Models assembled. I also have a couple that are not completed yet.

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            These appear to be fine looking log cars. Nice job with them this far. Looking forward to the finished product.

            I'm glad to see you are back at it. Last year you said these turned out to be rather difficult and had one car in half completion losing interest with them.

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              Just realized i never shared the finished car in this group. Ill dig out a photo later on.

              In the mean time i felt the original kits were way to light and im looking for something more robust to use on an operational layout.

              I actually decided i really like the Bolsters on these kits so i have managed to find some brass square tube to replace the timber with on the remaining cars. I also plan on filling the tubes with lead or white metal to add a more weight then the timber cars and hopefully i can run them empty.

              Also buying the tube got me thinking about building a brass version of something like these.

              Owen Pass Lumber Company

              HO Logging Layout in a Shed.



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                Adrian nice job on those log cars.

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                  Found some finished photos.

                  Download Attachment: 20141119_152541.jpg
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                  Download Attachment: 20141119_152632.jpg
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                  Owen Pass Lumber Company

                  HO Logging Layout in a Shed.



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                    Looks great Adrian,

                    Also reminds me I have a number of these to do myself...



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                      Very nice looking car, Adrian.

                      Cody, you're right, you can't just have one log car.

                      The sky is not my limit, it's my playground.


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                        Well done. Can't wait to see a short string of these...
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