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ON30 - two truck shay (sound) - gear slipping

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  • ON30 - two truck shay (sound) - gear slipping

    The rear truck front wheels are not turning. It appears the gear is slipping on the drive shaft.

    Any suggestions how I might repair this little problem.
    Tom M.

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    Sounds like you have a cracked gear. Grab the Opti Visor and take a look at the gear on the drive shaft.

    Larry did a great tutorial on replacement, Parts are available from Bachmann and NWSL. I have done a couple dozen with the new Bachmann gears and have not had a failure with them.
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      Tom, I have an Athearn 2-8-2 locomotive that had a cracked gear, not wanting to go through the trouble of taking apart the drive system and replacing the gear, I opted to just try super glue in the crack and around the axle at the gear sides. It has been five years later with the locomotive running just fine. So this easy/lazy fix worked for me.

      Also, if you want a replacement, here was a letter sent out by Bachmann;

      Louis L&R Western Railroad
      Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast


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        Wow Louis, Nice to see a company standing behind their products. I wish Bachman' could build in O scale, the quality and detail of MTH Locomotives.

        I will say though, Bachman are outstanding runners.....and inexpensive compared to their competitors [:-dopey]



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          Tom - the gear is cracked or it has relocated too far from

          the drive gear on the pin. (Slid off the knurled part of the shaft)

          I have parts if you want me to send them. I have repaired the shay

          with both Bachmann and NWSL metal gears. I did a SBS on the NWSL

          gears, but have since forgotten the title.


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            Tom the SBS instructions are in a sticky Rick created at the top of the ON30 forum. I would paste a link but am traveling and am using my phone to answer.


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              I have spare Bachmann gears. When I get some time to think and play I'll swap them out.

              Thanks for the comments.
              Tom M.