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Sugiyama H0n30/2 1/2 galloping goose__ Helppp !

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  • Sugiyama H0n30/2 1/2 galloping goose__ Helppp !

    Last week I bought a Galloping goose from sugiama models.

    Just a good deal together with a lot of other modeling stuff.

    It didn't run on a track because the wheels from the middle truck where standing on H0n3 the other two on H0n30.

    So I took the axels out the truck and set them wheels to H0n30.

    When I put in on a test track it did run forward but crap in reverse so I took the gearbox apart and rebuild it now it runs good in both directions.

    But and there is the but ;-) I'm missing two back wheels from the last truck and there is one axle at the gearbox that is bend a bit so it runs like a goose WADDLE WADDLE :erm:

    Download Attachment: goose1.JPG
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    Download Attachment: goose3.JPG
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    Download Attachment: goose2.JPG
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    So if someone know where I can find some wheels for the rear truck.

    And axle for the gearbox/middle truck let me know.

    Good idea's are welcome too.

    thanks in advance

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    If you could arrange something like a machinist's 'check stand' ( you could measure the bend in the axle and correct it.

    Do the missing wheels have the same dimensions and bearing arrangement as those in the front truck? If so, a picture & dimensions would help us figure out if anything commercially available would fit, or at least be a good starting point.


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      Excellent points James. What would really be helpful is a close up in focus picture of the bottom or drivetrain.

      If you are going to go with a 30" gauge instead of a 36" gauge I would suggest looking at N scale wheels for replacement. You can also measure the axle diameter and get some brass or steel rod. Press the wheels off and press them on the new axle rod. The missing wheels could be replaced by using N scale wheels.

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        jbvb and Bernd, thanks for the reply.

        I made some pictures hope they are good enough

        Download Attachment: goose007.jpg
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        this is the middle truck and also the power truck as you can see

        Download Attachment: goose005.jpg
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        Download Attachment: goose009.jpg
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        the middle and last truck having the same axels

        the axle is 1mm where it adapt the wheel than 2mm for the bearing and as you can see it has one plastic and one metal to provide the power to the motor the middle piece of the axel is 3mm

        the wheels are 7mm and adapt the 1mm axle


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          May have a solution for your wheel problem. It will require getting a Bachmann HO scale trolley/cable car item number 60531.

          It looks like the wheels sets would be a close match. You would need somebody with a lathe at the most to make new axles. You will also need to drill a hole in the wheels to mount on an axle. You could also narrow the trolley/cable car truck to fit HOn3 gauge. That might work better.

          That's about the best I can come with right now.

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            Thanks Bernd and these wheels are 7mm ? they are a close match.

            I have found some flat disc wheels that in N scale that will do the job (for now) and I also found some axles that will work for the rear truck.

            Now I only have to wait for my gear puller


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              Sounds great. Good luck with the project. And of course we want to see pictures of the finished "Goose". :up:

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