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Next Stop, Binghamton! Binghamton Next Stop!

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  • Next Stop, Binghamton! Binghamton Next Stop!

    This card is postmarked 1917 and gives us a good view into the Erie RR's yards there at the time. The card itself is in rough shape a's creased in a few places as can be seen in the scan and it has an ink smudge on the upper right side. I bought it because of the really neat semaphore tower, mast, and the crew congegating for a 'photo op'. Just a neat scene. Interesting cross bracing on the lower tower"Comic Sans MS">id="blue">

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    Russ, that's one impressive "railroad looking" card! The background colour certainly adds to the railroad mystique! [:-apple][:-apple][:-apple]
    Mike Hamer

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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      Russ, these cards are wonderful windows into the past. wonder how accurate the colors are? Did they try for accuracy or something to catch the eye?



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        Fantasic Russ. I wonder if that's snow or rain puddles on the ground in a few places. Seeing the coats on the crew I'd think it was snow. Keep them coming these are really good.


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          Russ,If I could visit one era in railroad history I would want to visit that era shown on the post card..Thanks for sharing.


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            Russ, One very super detailed photo. Are these close to being the actual colors?


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              Isn't this a neat card? I thought you guys would like it. The railroad cards from the pre-WW1 to the 1920s time frame really give you a sense of the expansivness of the railroads in this country. As for the lithography, I don't think the colors are acurate for any particular view. That blue sky with the clouds can be seen in just about any exterior view postcard, really, 'Nothin' but blue skies comin' my way'. [:-sing] I think the colors are approximated based on a description by the photographer or filled in by the lithography artists based on what was perceived as being 'standard and usual'. Hey, aren't cabooses red, or in this case, green? Aren't railroad buildings green? Aren't boxcars brown and steam locos black? That sort of thinking. [:-dopey] Some of the details have been left in B&W such as the windows and the stairs of the tower. Take a look at that green caboose...look a bit less-than-photographic? In order to bring it out some more in the card, it was heavily filled in by hand, or added, that's why it looks like an illustration...because it is an illustration! Not at all unusual but very common in these old postcards.


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                Where in binghamton is this photo taken? was it a coiling tower or is it (what i know it by now as ) the rt 363 brandywine bridge and you loking out over what will be the nys&w little shop


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                  Originally posted by EMT49

                  Where in Binghamton is this photo taken?

                  I don't know. A bit of local map research into the orientation of the Erie yards in 1917 might give a clue.