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2'x6' mining layout video

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    Love it! Thanks for sharing.


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      Some more Pics

      Sitting along side the orignal Central Pacific Rail Road.

      Home of The Great On30 Barn Meet, that will be held May 16th 2015


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        Thanks for more on this. I think it is a fantastic little layout and very intriguing. I have a lot of this same rolling stock and could easily see doing something inspired by this. As for the accuracy of my track plan drawing, I did say it was only a sketch! 10 percent grades sound pretty fierce. The big loop around the mill end on my sketch shows as about 90 inches from underpass to over. That sounds doable at about 5 percent. On the Mine end I think you would be a bit shy of 8 percent for an 11-inch radius circle with a 5 inch clearance. These numbers are again, based only on my sketch and do not reflect the actual layout. I think as long as you maintain direction so that trains only go down the steepest grade you might be able to muster another car or two. At least within my fantasy world of pure speculation.



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          I am glad to see this posting inspiring so many ideas. A big thanks to the person who owns the model. Thanks to Thayer for taking a quick look at a design and noodeling through some rough calcs. Scott


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            It's really a very nice layout, Scott. Thanks for sharing, and to Thayer for drawing and posting the sketched track plan.