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2'x6' mining layout video

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  • 2'x6' mining layout video

    John Cooper attended a Model railroad event this weekend and posted this youtube video of a very cool 2x6 On30 mining railroad. Great detail, with fun tunnels and precarious construction........enjoy! Scott

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    That is a lot of neat stuff packed into a 2x6 area!

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      Thanks for sharing, really nice mine, some great visuals there.



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        This is exactly what I have been looking to build. Is there a track plan or contact information for this layout?


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          Thanks for sharing this wonderful layout.
          Tom M.


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            Nice layout. I just wish the cameraman had a steadier hand and moved from scene to scene slower.
            Kevin Miller

            Winlock, WA


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              I have no other info. I will see John this weekend. I believe he has some still photos he might share. The event was at Just Trains in Concord, Ca. Perhaps somebody out there knows the model's owner. Scott


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                Very cool little layout!


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                  I would love to know more about it as well.

                  Larry, as near as I can determine from the video, the operational track plan is close to this sketch. Obviously the mountain has some mining track on it as well.


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                    I wish the camera man had a steadier hand as well, That would be me.

                    It was a great little layout, I will look through the pictures I took and see if there is something that shows off the track plan any better.

                    It was pretty much a figure 8 with a siding going to the mill on one end and a siding going to the mine on the other. There was a third siding in the middle that is a Depot area.

                    I believe it started out as a hollow core door and was built up with foam. He made a mock up of the entire layout prior to construction.

                    You can see the mock up on the table, think I have a pic of it I will put up later.

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                      That is very close, the grades in the mine end where pretty harsh 10% plus I suspect. A new porter would pull three cars but the owner doubted it would pull four. The turn at the mill end was much gentler.

                      I was playing with a slightly larger design and it will be a challenge to keep the grade under 10% even with more room.

                      Radius was about 11", it was Micro Engineering On30 track and #5 M.E. Switches.
                      Sitting along side the orignal Central Pacific Rail Road.

                      Home of The Great On30 Barn Meet, that will be held May 16th 2015


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                        That is a very nice layout, with lots of detail. Thanks for sharing Scott and John.



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                          Incredible amount of work and talent here.

                          I like the concept and size as well of all

                          the details. Thanks for sharing this...


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                            Very cool.

                            Thanks for sharing the video and pictures and the track plan.
                            Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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                              Thayer and John thank you for the additional information.