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Railroad car float question

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  • Railroad car float question

    Does anyone know of an HO car float kit that is similar to that pictured below?

    John Elwood

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    I would call that a 'car ferry' rather than a float - floats are barges pushed by tugs. But I can't help ID it. I'm pretty sure I've never seen that model before, which implies it either isn't kit-built, or the kit was not widely sold/advertised.


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      Link does not work.

      Looks like it is only on your computer.


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        I think this might be Ted's original url:


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          John, I took that photo at the Pacific Southern Model Railway Club in mid-Jersey.

          Here is a link to their website:

          Perhaps you could contact them and see if they remember the origin of that ferry.


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            I think you will find that that particular ferry has been built from drawings in a way-back MR (May 1975) by Robert J Lutz- the track plan is for HO gauge and is called the "Shorthills and Eastern" which appears in a couple of the MR RR planning books but I don't think the plan for the ferry is in them (note it was drawn for N gauge AFAIR) - you will probably need the original magazine article. I did scale it up at one point to HO using a photocopier and did build it, and it would work well - it can also be lengthened and shortened at the point where the upper decks join the lower deck. the article appears to have been called "Cubicle Railraods - with two track plans"

            Added later - The ferry diagram appears on page 40 of "Track Planning Ideas from Model Railroader" and on looking at it, it is not drawn to any particular scale and is called the Karen Bay - length 182' beam 43' 6" You can probably get a copy from the MR Memorial library

            If there is no success from there PM me with an email addy.


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              That is the correct link now that it is adjusted correctly by JBVB, Thanks for fixing it.....


              Originally posted by jbvb

              I think this might be Ted's original url: