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Caldor Mill Info Needed, Please!

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  • Caldor Mill Info Needed, Please!

    Work & Life have conspired to keep me from making much progress on the DW&A, but my mind is often chasing various ideas and filing them away for future reference and/or actions!

    So, my copies of the Logging Mining & Industrial Annuals are usually pretty handy, and when the need arises I usually grab one and "rest" ... invariably, I have kept referring to the 2009 issue and Mal Ferrell's article on the Diamond & Caldor Railway, and on pages 10 & 11 are five pictures of the Caldor Mill as it appeared from 1904 to 1923, before it burned down ... for some reason, this complex just fascinates me, and I keep trying to come up with an excuse to model it! To that end, I'm trying to find more images of the mill, or drawings of its layout, so that I can attempt to extrapolate the approximate space that it will take to do the project justice. Can anyone here point me to some online source for said images (I've Googled with no luck!), or does anyone have images that they can scan and share with me? I'd be extremely grateful!

    Thanks, and as always ...

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    Mal Ferrell wrote a book about this lumber company. It's titled: "El Dorado Narrow Gauge". Should be available on used book dealers. It was like the forgotten railroad after Steve Polkinghorn wrote about Michigan California Lumber. The two railroads were within 20 or so miles of eachother.

    Good luck,

    Mike Reuter


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      Hello Grant,

      You may wish to check with the Library of Congress. They have a 1910 Sanborn Fire Insurance map of El Dorado County...see the link below;

      There are 11 pages (one of which should be an index page). I'm doing research on Wheeler Or and the Wheeler Lumber Mill. I contacted the LOC and they sent me PDF files of the maps within a few days. In my case, as in the case of the link above, the maps are not available online, but if you send a request, they'll email you the maps. Best of all, its free of charge. Also on the page that the link sends you to is another link that is full of pictures of structures in the area (not the Caldor Mill, or at least not the first few web pages worth of images anyways, I didn't search the whole thing...).

      IF one of the 11 pages covers Caldor, you'll end up with foot prints, relationships between buildings and roads and the railroad, stream and river locations, building construction type. You may also find out about buildings that aren't otherwise mentioned or photographed. In my case, I learned there was a blacksmith shop, and as part of 'my' mill is built on a dock, there was a firewall underneath the dock at one location.

      Best of luck with your project,
      Bill R.

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        Hi, Mike!

        Thanks for the reply! I'm aware of Mal's book, and it is on my list of "gotta finds" ... ...! So is the video mentioned at the end of the LM&I Annual, Narrow Gauge Railroads of El Dorado County by Catenary Video Productions. I'm sure I'll manage to obtain copies of each, eventually.

        Please allow me to make a brief comment, related to the above. My "re-entry" into model railroading is fairly recent (somewhere around '60/'07), and it wasn't until I got into On30, early in '09, that I discovered the wonderful resources that were the LM&I Annual, the Narrow Gauge Annual, and the Modelers' Annual. Now, I'll admit to being old school, and my fiancee often refers to me as a dinosaur, but I really like the feel of a book or magazine in my hands and their ready availability to grab and go to and article or advertisement for inspiration or information. I consider the knowledge contained in the Annuals and other similar publications as treasure, and I'm really disappointed with the demise those publications ... [:-cry] ...! Believe me, I understand the reasons why, but that doesn't lessen the disappointment.


        The Library of Congress! I'd completely forgotten about them! Now, doesn't that make me feel like a [:-dunce] ...! Thank You for the link, and rattling my cage ... ...! You ALL are awesome ... it's just one of the reasons I keep coming here!

        Thanks! and as always ...

        JSBSOn30MRRs - Jefferson State Black Sheep On30 Model Railroaders, Founding Member

        DW&A - Diddy Wells & Afterthought On30 Module/Mini-Layout