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    Pics from a recent family trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky OH. There are not as many train pics as I had liked and to my disappointment, the static display of #3 Albert is not as accessible as it once was. I guess that's where I'll start.

    Albert is a 2-6-0 Daventport built in 1910, click here for more info.

    Judy K started out as a 0-4-0 Vulcan built in 1923. I tried to get some detail shots of the backhead.

    The Engineer having fun with me. Some of the turret detail, you might make out the site glass to the lower left, the injectors and the throttle (the bass bolts)

    The Park favourite, Myron H. originally a 0-4-0 coal hauling Vulcan built in 1922.

    #22's big beefy steam dome and tiny bell seem out of place nut look 'right' for some reason. I love the headlight artwork. The crew having fun with me again, but note the better shot of the throttle and injector detail. Both Myron H. and Judy K. run steam breaks, but the crew say the seldom use them.

    More to come, stay tuned.
    Cheers, Heath.

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    Nice pics Heath.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Follow along as my dog and I travel the country in our van.
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      Great pictures, thanks for sharing.


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        Looks like a fun day .. :up:
        Tom M.


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          Nice pics!

          I just looked at their roster of locos. They sure liked 2-4-0s, didn't they?


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            Great pictures Heath - Thanks for sharing.....

            Steam lives!!!


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              Thanks guys, sorry 'bout the spelling, I can't spell worth a dam.

              Next installment some steam tractors. These three are found along the Frontier Trial.

              An A.D. Baker of Swanton, OH. The company that invented the Baker Valve Gear.



              An Altman Taylor Co. of Mansfield, Ohio


              A Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co. (origionall the Upton Manufacturing Company of Battle Creek)


              Both the Port Huron Engine and Thresher Co. and the Altman Taylor Co. produced saw mills equipment also. check out the images tabs on the links.

              In the Town Hall Museum

              I forgot what tractor this is and lost the notes I made.

              Some shots of the old cabins next time.
              Cheers, Heath.


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                Heath ...

                Tom M.


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                  Thanks Tom. I hit post by mistake and have since added some more pics. I did not take any photos of the Antique train display behind the fire engine, :erm: if anyone has some please post here.
                  Cheers, Heath.


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                    There was a TRAIN DISPLAY and you didn't take a picture? [:-irked]

                    Some nice photos of the steam tractors.
                    Dave Mason


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                      I'm with Dave on this one, a train display and on pictures!!!!!!!

                      Great pictures, I've always been fascinated with those old steam tractors, lots of modelling possibilities in those pictures.

                      Thanks for sharing.
                      Ron Newby

                      General Manager

                      Clearwater Valley Railway Co.



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                        I haven't been to Cedar Point since I was a kid and this display was definitely not there then. Thanks for posting.

                        Is there anything new at Kings Island that I didn't know about? (;


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                          Any idea who made that old fire engine? (Looks like an Amoskeag engine, but I'm no expert.)

                          edit Looks like it's a LaFrance:

                          Modeling 1890s (because the voices in my head told me to)


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                            Dave, the engine is a La France Fire Engine Co., 3rd size, built 1904, serial no. 496.

                            Sorry guys, it is right behind the fire engine. I remember a British style engine, quite large, at least 1/24 scale. Old, the cab looked like it was tin. I did find this pic on the net

                            Cheers, Heath.


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                              Incredible equipment to say the least. Quite fascinating........Nice post! Thanks....