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  • 4 new members of the forum.

    Please welcome the following new members of Railroad-Line.

    Brucer, PaulC from New York, Harbor Belt Transit from Germany and 1689guy who is Jonathan Cochran from Orange, CA - California

    Welcome to Railroad-Line and enjoy the time you spend here on the forum.
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    Welcome to the Forum. We are glad that you decided to join the crew.


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      Welcome to the crew folks and joining us here at the forum. I hope you all enjoy your stay with us.

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        Welcome to RR-Line, Guys!


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          Welcome aboard everyone.

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            Yes, a hardy welcome to all of you. Especially PaulC from New York, a close and dear modeling friend of mine who I've know for many years. I hope to see some of those modeling projects you do on the forum.

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              Welcome gentlemen to the BEST model railroading forum in the business! I think you will enjoy it as much as I do......And Paul, don't be bashful. Let's see some more of your work that Bernd has shared with us.........I am certain, there will be plenty of questions by forum members........... And to our friend in Germany,[Vee Gates Hoita] !



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                Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome and I hope that I can live up to Bernd's introduction.

                It's been a busy weekend for my wife and I so time at the bench and computer has been limited for the last several days. I'm knee-deep in a number of 1/87th model projects of all types at any given time and have been known to start new projects suddenly, at random and without warning. I have built a small number of layouts in the past ranging from very small to a basement-filler that was never completed.

                Currently I have a small shelf layout underway that is more in keeping with my passion for fine details and attempting to fool the camera, and Bernd has shared some formative views of it in these forums. I can have more fun in two square inches than is probably healthy, and that focus led to the realization that the kind of modeling that I really enjoy most would require several lifetimes to fill even a small basement.

                I model the mid-nineteen-seventies pre-Conrail era but my appreciation for fine model work encompasses all subjects, eras, mediums and techniques. The Railroad Line forums are filled with inspiration and top-shelf modeling of all kinds. I've generally avoided forums over the years because my time is limited and I'd rather be modeling than wading through reams of drama. Rail Line appears to put the art of modeling first and I find that very refreshing.

                I'll be happy to share my work here and discuss it with whomever finds the things that I like to build of interest.

                Best Regards,



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                  Welcome aboard Brucer, PaulC, Harbor Belt Transit and 1689guy!

                  Paul, thanks for your introduction. I'd love to see some pics of your work and layout.


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                    Welcome to all four of you. I know you will enjoy being a member of this wonderful forum! [:-apple]

                    Paul, great hearing about all of your projects on the go! Looking forward to seeing pics of them all!
                    Mike Hamer

                    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada





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                      Welcome aboard, Brucer, PaulC from New York, Harbor Belt Transit and Jonathan. Enjoy the RR-Line.